Birds may seem innocent to look at, but they can be very irritating as they create a huge mess and cause noisy disruptions. Thus, implementing a proactive approach of bird pest control becomes imperative to maintain a clean and safe environment around your home.

Conventional methods of pest control included harmful chemicals and traps, which left carcasses behind. However, present-day solutions are mainly dependent on humane options, which pose a lesser risk to surrounding wildlife and people.

Here are some key strategies to keep pest birds at bay in an effective yet safe way:

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes offer a physical barrier that prevents birds from sitting on surfaces like rooftops, ledges, edges, and windowsills. These spikes come in stainless steel as well as plastic options, both of which have constant coverage and results. They can be easily installed and stop the birds from making nests on elevated surfaces in your home. These bird spikes are easily available at your local stores.

Bird Netting

If your home has semi-enclosed places and large open areas like gardens, bird netting will be a great choice for you. They come in a variety of materials with the availability of both light and heavy-duty options. These nets offer a protective barrier that helps in keeping the birds from entering, but at the same time allows sunlight in and also allows for watering plants.


Ultrasonic bird control devices emit irritating low and high-pitch frequencies to birds that don’t bother humans. These ultrasonic frequencies make the area inhospitable for pest birds driving them to vacate somewhere else. These devices are effective in places with high-volume human traffic as they are silent to most people.


Sonic devices transmit bird alarm calls and predator calls that alert pest birds that the area is unsafe. These sonic recordings blend easily with the surrounding environment for humans, but for birds, this sound is extremely frightening. Similar to ultrasonic bird control devices, these devices also cause pest birds to stay away with regular use.


Laser bird control devices emit laser beams with frequently changing colors and patterns. These devices, with their blinding lights, work round the clock to scare pest birds. They are really helpful in keeping birds away, and they don’t harm birds as well.


Drones are increasingly used for bird control as it is a high-tech pest control method. Sound technology can also be combined with the threatening appearance of drones to scare the birds away. Updated versions of bird control drones have sonic devices installed in them to play recordings of predator sounds, and they can also fly completely autonomously with accommodated Google Maps customization. This combination of sound and sight provides a multi-pronged impact on bird pest control.

Shock Track System

It is a great low-profile pest bird control method. In this system, shock track strips which are nearly invisible, are installed on places such as ledges or windowsills that gently give a light shock to birds on contact, alerting them to stay away from those places. Shock track systems do not harm birds; they just keep them away from your home.

Liquid Taste Aversions

It covers turf, grass, and foliage, and it can be sprayed over a significantly large area, which provides an extremely cost-effective method of pest control. Treated areas deter pest birds because it makes the area unpleasant to taste. Meanwhile, you can apply bird gels on other places and create an uncomfortable, sticky surface that is unsuitable for landing.  You should prefer non-toxic biodegradable formulas to ensure that plants and other wildlife are not harmed.

Visual Scares and Predator Decoys

These are user-friendly methods of pest bird control, as they are generally low-maintenance and inexpensive. The visual deterrents are very effective; they alert birds that there is a threat nearby and drive them to seek refuge somewhere else. Stationery scares are made more effective by using reflective or moving parts. Several predator decoys look notably realistic like hawks, owls, falcons, coyotes, and alligators.


Apart from these strategies, there are some preventive measures too that you can incorporate to eliminate pest bird problem from your home, such as: never allowing standing water near your home where pest birds can feed, always keep the trash cans covered and the area clean, do not feed pest birds, and many more.

However, if you are unable to drive pest birds away, and these methods fail to give results, you can always seek the help of professional services. Pest Off provides pest control services that will help you to get rid of pest birds once and for all.

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