6 Steps to Beautiful, Bronzed Skin In Winter

We reveal six simple steps to achieving a beautiful, bronzed all-over body tan any time of year, even in the depths of winter.

Who doesn’t want to have a bronzed suntan? There’s something about it that evokes health, virality and attractiveness. But getting a decent tan during the winter months isn’t easy. When the sun’s not shining, you’ve got to resort to non-natural alternatives. There are plenty of great tanning body lotions out there but to get the most out of them there are a number of daily rituals you need to follow. In this article we reveal the six key steps to achieving beautiful bronzed skin in winter.

Nourish Your Skin

Your skin is going to naturally be drier in the winter than during any other part of the year. In order to provide the nourishing nutrients and water that it needs, we suggest you look for a tanning product that is infused with hyaluronic acid, which is a natural moisturizer, along with Vitamins C and D.


The cooler the weather is, the drier you skin becomes. The results when you apply a tanning product can be patchy and disappointing. In order to get the sort of tan that you see on the models on those fitness blogs, you need to exfoliate in order to rejuvenate your dry skin. Use a quality overall body exfoliator and work your way up from your feet, working the lotion ip with circular motions. 

Build Your Tan Gradually

The key to how to get bronzed skin that looks natural rather than fake is to start with a light application and build the color of your tan gradually. This will achieve a far more natural, healthy looking tan than applying a full strength tan from Day One. Apply the tanning lotion just as if you were applying a moisturizer. 

Stay Hydrated

You know how important it is to hydrate the insides of your body to promote good health. Well it’s just as important to hydrate the outside, especially when you are wearing an artificial tan. That tan will especially adhere to the driest areas of your body. You can hydrate to prevent the patchiness that can result by applying a moisturizer for the 7 days before you apply the tan. Then, a couple of hours before applying the tanning lotion, remoisturize the driest areas of your body, including the elbows, knees, hands and feet.

Pay Special Attention to Your Face

The part of your tan that people will see more than any other is, obviously, your face. Pay special attention to it with a gradual tan face cream that will gently and naturally build your tan rather than giving you an over the top complexion that is obviously fake. Look for a product that is naturally infused with Vitamins D and E in order to nourish your face.

Apply Strategically

You probably won’t be displaying as much skin during winter as you would during the summer months. So, why apply your tan to areas that no one else will see? Focusing on the visible areas will be less costly and more time efficient. Your face, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet are the most obvious winter tan areas that will probably need attention.

Two Extra Winter Tanning Tips

How to Prevent Tan Patches

Prevent a patchy tan effect by buffing away any unwanted tan. Excess tan can easily develop around the knees and elbows. Use a buffing mitt immediately after application to dab away at these excess areas. You can also reduce the patchy effect by applying a moisturizer (make sure that is oil free) before applying your tan lotion. 

Rather than trying to lighten the darker tan spots, you may actually find it easier to fill up the lighter spots to match the patches. Only do this, however, if the darker areas do not look artificial. Be sure to use a tanning mitt to get a smooth even finish.

Extend the Life of Your Tan

To extend the life of your tan, use a gradual tanning lotion that will allow you to build layer after layer of tan. A good gradual tanning lotion will actually have your tan looking better each day. You can also extend the life of your tan by gently exfoliating your skin with the tan on. By gently applying a tan enhancing exfoliator with a buffing mitt, you will be able to get rid of dead skin, revealing the perfect glow of your tan. 


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