In every neighborhood, surely you’ll come across some houses that are able to command more attention than other houses do. It’s not just because those houses are grander in design or bigger, but it’s because the façade of those properties is well-maintained and cleaned.

One of the contributors to having a clean façade is your driveway. It’s important for you to think of it in a greater light than simply one which takes your vehicles to the garage. Your driveway is what literally welcomes you, your family, and your guests into your home. The moment they step into your property, it’s your driveway that’s giving them access to your front door. That said, if not maintained well, it can influence the impression people have of your property.

In this article, you’ll come across some of the best tips for preserving the life and appearance of your driveways- either on your own or with the help of expert concrete contractors.

1. Treat Your Driveway With Care

A normal, residential driveway isn’t meant to withstand the weight and load of bigger vehicles, as public roads do. This is the reason why you have to treat your driveway with so much more care. Limit the vehicles you park only to the weight it can withstand.

Additionally, when you’re doing some work on your lawn, be mindful of how you treat your driveway. For example, use a lot of caution when shoveling or plowing your driveway after the snow, since the metal blades can scrape or scratch the surface of your concrete driveway.

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2. Use A Concrete Sealer

If you live in a four seasoned country, your driveway can definitely use a concrete sealer. During the cold, winter months, your concrete driveway goes through the harshest elements of the weather. In particular, your driveway will suffer through freeze-thaw cycles, which can contribute to the deterioration of the concrete.

This is the reason why you need to give your driveway that added layer of protection. A concrete sealer is effective at protecting your driveways against water intrusion, oil, and staining.

The best way to go about this is to seal the concrete first before winter. Then, check it from time to time, so you can re-seal it periodically.

3. Remove Stains ASAP

Your driveway goes through a lot of wear and tear, not just from the weather but from your car too. For instance, as you pass by your driveway when parking your car, it absorbs all the grease, oil, gas, and other spills. If you notice a spill after parking your car, clean it immediately. Those spills are easier to clean up before they eventually become stains that are harder to manage.

While the stains are still fresh, brushing your driveways with soap and water can work. However, for older stains, pressure washing and using strong cleaning chemicals might just do the trick.

4. Clean Your Driveway Regularly

As you clean your home’s interior, be sure to give your concrete driveway some TLC, too. The whole purpose of incorporating that chore into your cleaning routine is to remove the buildup of dirt and grime. That way, your concrete can be free from dirt and other stains that may accumulate.

For instance, if you have a garden or lawn, it’s normal to find soil in your driveway every now and then. This can happen when the elevation of your driveway is lower than the surrounding landscape. That said, you can find garden soil littering your driveway after you spent some time gardening or when there is rain.

5. Repair Any Broken Pavers

Repair Any Broken Pavers

Concrete pavers can add charm to your homes. But, over time, they’re also quite susceptible to wear and tear. This fact brings about the need for you to repair any broken pavers.

For instance, if your driveway is somewhere near a tree, chances are its roots can cause damage to your driveway as the tree continues to grow. The roots are going to push the concrete up, from underneath. If and when the concrete cracks, fill it up immediately with cement, to prevent the cracks from expanding, too.

6. Maintain Your Landscaping Regularly

Perhaps you’re not aware of it, but your landscaping could also be one of the contributing factors as to why your driveway is easily damaged. Perhaps there are shrubs and trees that are too close to where the concrete ends?

Landscaping is best handled by professionals than on your own. A landscaper knows best how to position your desired plants, in such a way that none of it will become a nuisance to your concrete driveway.


As important as the driveway may be, however, it’s also one of the most easily neglected areas in your home. It’s only when moss starts to thrive and the first signs of stains and cracks appear that you may start to be bothered about how your driveway looks.

Don’t wait until it’s too late before you give it the attention it needs. Proper maintenance of your driveway is key to keeping it attractive and functional.

Consider applying the tips above, from today moving forward.