Do you have concrete flooring? One of the main problems with concrete flooring is if you leave it unpolished, causing a few issues and headaches. That’s why it’s important to have it polished as soon as you can!

In fact, concrete floor polishing has become pretty popular recently, and with good reason. But why should you make that investment? Read on as I show you the seven benefits polishing concrete floors has to offer! If you’re from Orange County, you can check out this contractor who does concrete polishing in Orange County and has completed outstanding projects.

Why Should You Polish Your Concrete Floors?

You’ve probably seen a lot of polished concrete floors Brisbane, as many people have begun investing in getting this done! Why? These are the benefits polished floors can give you:

1. It’s Stain-Resistant and Slip-Resistant

When sealing and densifying your floors, the polished concrete can transform porous floors to tightened and denser ones. This can help repel oils, water, and other contaminants from penetrating its surfaces. That results in stain-free floors which look better!

Regardless of how deep, stubborn, or intense the stain is, Clean Image of Orlando guarantees the removal permanently at an affordable cost.

Furthermore, you’ll be surprised that with polished concrete floors, they aren’t slippery! Though shiny and good to look at, you won’t have to worry about accidents.

This is because it flattens the floor through mechanically grinding, which would increase the friction compared to ordinary concrete. Polished concrete floors also exceed the typical standards for floors by the OSHA.

2. Gives You Better Lighting and Reflectivity

Do you know why many people find polished concrete floors more attractive? It’s because of how it improves the lighting of a room, thus making the entire area look aesthetic.

Through concrete floor polishing, the floor will have reflective properties. Because of this, it enhances the floor’s lighting in various facilities. It increases the ambiance lighting for looks AND can help reduce energy bills at the same time, with a brighter-looking room that won’t require as much energy as compared to dull-looking floors that don’t make a room brighter.

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3. It’s LEED-Friendly

When you have polished concrete floors, it will use existing concrete surfaces, eliminating having to use additional materials. You won’t need to install coatings and coverings on your floors anymore, which makes the building sustainable.

Furthermore, the process and materials used for concrete floor polishing have no noticeable VOCs. With that said, you can use it in various USBG LEED projects without worrying about the effects.

Furthermore, it lessens the dusting from efflorescence. These are tiny dust particles that have been pushed upward from the concrete floors, which were forced upward from hydrostatic pressure. With less dust to think about, it will lessen the maintenance (which I’ll talk about in the next section).

4. Not As Much Maintenance

Since you won’t have to deal with slipping, stains, or efflorescence dust, it makes polished floors much easier to maintain. This is compared to floor systems such as tile and linoleum, which require aggressive scrubbing to keep it clean and looking nice.

With polished concrete surfaces, expect it to be tightly compacted. This will reduce stains and the need to strip and wax floors to maintain its shine. You won’t need to spend so much time and money trying to make it look good and last long.

5. Actually Cost-Effective

As mentioned, concrete polishing can reduce the energy bills AND maintenance costs associated with it. Thanks to its ambient reflectivity and lighting, as well as the reduced tire wear and less upkeep needs, you won’t have to spend as much as you think.

So initially, polishing your floors may look pricey. But in the long run, you have less to worry about and will save more money from the work and materials you need to invest in for cleaning and utilities.

6. Old Floors Look Even Better

When you have polished concrete floors that went through mechanically grinding, you can immediately begin using it. You won’t waste any time after the entire process and can reap the benefits it offers.

Furthermore, the entire process is clean and free from any toxic or hazardous chemicals, all the while improving the condition of your current floors. You won’t need to strip your floors all away; you simply need it to undergo mechanical grinding and polishing.

7. Reduce Tire Wear Without Plant/Production Shutdowns

Uneven and rough textures of natural concrete floors would result in tire abrasions, which wear them out quicker. With polished floors in the manufacturing area, it levels joints and makes the whole surface smooth. It prevents abrasion to the tires and the floor, saving you money in the equipment and having to deal with any damage on the floors from the wheels.

Also, you have to note that when concrete ages, it will start showing signs of surface stress, delimitation, and other issues that can be pricey. You can choose to mechanically grind the floor, which will remove the top surface, then polish it to further strengthen your floor. This makes the floors even stronger and abrasion-resistant, so you won’t have to shut down your plant or production from bad flooring.

Wrapping It Up

I hope this article on why you should polish concrete floors helped you learn more about your floors’ importance. So don’t wait any longer and have your concrete floors polished by a reputable company now.

Do you have any questions or want to share your experiences when polishing your concrete floors? Share it in the comments section below, all your thoughts are much appreciated!