Rings are a token of love, affection, and loyalty. It is a sign of commitment, shows how two people are so much in love and are ready to share their lives. So your engagement ring should be perfect and all according to your partner’s choice and taste. As we all know the pandemic has affected many things but it couldn’t stop engagements and weddings.

The engagement ring designs and trends this year are just amazing. From last year’s collection, the bars had been set high because of designers who showed their talent and creativity to the best. You can find the latest trending custom wedding rings at Monty Adams. Here is a list of some very good options you must take a look at before buying a ring.

1. Traditional Ring With A New Stylish Touch:

These days everyone loves traditional rings and accessories with an aesthetic modern look. Old traditional designs were so extraordinary that their charm will never fade away. It’s like converting the old ring designs into new ones with a little essence of our culture and according to current style and fashion. Also, it will go on all your western as well as traditional dresses.

2. Solitaire Ring:

Solitaire rings are diamond rings. It is a simple platinum round-shaped ring with a diamond in the center. These types of rings look very decent and satisfactory. Plus solitaire rings are very simple and classy.

3. Pure Gold Ring:

Gold rings are coming back in fashion. In gold rings, there are many designs and shapes available,i.e, gives you a lot of options. Gold ring goes with diamonds, ruby, and many other gemstones. Gold rings are versatile and graceful.

4. Aureola Ring:

Aureola ring is a big diamond ring. It consists of one center diamond surrounded by many small ones. It looks very sophisticated and heavy look-wise. You can also use other gemstones as an alternative around the center diamond.

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5. Gemstones Ring:

Instead of diamonds you can go for gemstones like ruby, pearl, emerald, opal, jade, garnet, etc with some other metals. This way your ring will be a unique piece. A colored gemstone in a round or oval-shaped ring made of some kind of special metal will give your ring an unexpected aesthetic gaze.

6. Tiny Side Stones Ring:

It is a modern ring with tiny three stones on one side and a stone on the other side. These rings are in popularity because of their delicacy. If you want to amaze your other half with an engagement ring then you must opt for this one. It will look beautiful on anyone’s hand. Also in the future, these kinds of rings will remain sober and elegant.

7. Customized Ring:

If you want a ring which anyone else cannot find in the market, a ring unique in every way then you should take a customized ring. Here you can tell about every single detail and design you want in your ring. Your every thought and idea will be considered and as a result, you will get an engagement ring you have always dreamed about.