Are you thinking of getting engaged? Congratulations! You’ll be joining over two million Americans in solidifying your bond for life. 

But, before you pop the big question, you’ll need to make the most important decision of your engagement – choosing an engagement ring.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some stylish and popular types of engagement ring bands to help you find the perfect fit. Keep reading for all the details!


Does your partner wear oversized jewelry, or do they prefer a more understated style? As a general rule, the thicker the band, the more noticeable a ring will be. Keep in mind that you’ll be doubling this width if you add a wedding band – so thinner is often better.

Depending on the size of diamonds or other jewels that you choose, a thicker band and setting may be necessary.


Does your partner play sports, work with their hands, or lead a very active lifestyle? If so, you might want to opt for a low-profile setting. This will reduce the chances for snagging, banging, and otherwise damaging the ring’s settings or stones.

Even if you’re shopping for a plain band, choosing a piece with rounded edges will make your loved one’s ring more comfortable and wearable


From shiny to matte, there are tons of different jewelry finishes to choose from. This consideration has less to do with comfort and more to do with looks. Keep in mind – the more reflective a finish, the more easily it will show wear and tear.

If your partner uses their hands a lot or plans to wear their ring 24-hours a day, a brushed or non-refective finish will require less frequent care.


What color jewelry does your partner prefer? You’ll find stunning engagement rings in a variety of colors and shades, from classics like platinum and yellow gold to more modern statement pieces using rose gold and other high-tech materials like titanium. 

Choose a ring that will work well with the other jewelry in their wardrobe for the best results. And, keep in mind that you’ll want this piece to stand up to the test of time, so harder metals are often be more practical. 

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Styles and Settings

The classic solitary diamond is truly a timeless style – and the most popular option on the market.

If your partner is a trendsetter, they might prefer a minimalist style with a dainty band and no side stones or distractions to pull the eye away from that one show-stopping sparkler. They might also prefer a geometric cut diamond, as opposed to something round.

Stacking rings, eternity settings, and unconventional styles like sparkling pavé bands are all making waves in the wedding community. 

Not familiar with these styles? No worries. Get some hot engagement band inspiration at Dreamland Jewelry.

Shopping for These Types of Engagement Ring Bands

Now that you’ve got a solid primer on the different types of engagement ring bands out there, it’s time to start shopping. 

Remember, use your partner’s personal style as a guide. And, only make your purchase from a reliable local vendor – to ensure the highest quality possible! After all, you’ll want this ring to last a lifetime.

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