Lower Back Pain: What Causes It?

It wouldn’t be a lie if we say that your lower back is the fundamental support for your physical anatomy. The structure of a human body is designed to be supported by the spine which consists of discs and vertebrae that absorb shocks and provide stability to the human body. However it requires care and maintenance. If you are not sitting or standing with proper posture and support, your lower back gets affected. The effect propagates to the whole body and can further lead to leg, hip or other similar joint pains.

The backbone consists of bones, muscles and tissues that keep the backbone in its natural curve but with time, if proper measures are not taken wither the bones become brittle, or the tissues get tears. This may be caused by an injury or an incident that causes issues in the bones or muscles of the backbone.

Your physical body is necessary to be maintained along with your mental health and both can be achieved if little changes are made in daily life. Given below are some smart ways that you can use to improve your lower back pain.

7 Smart Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy and Support your Back

To get rid of your lower back pain here are the 07 smart ways to keep your spine healthy and support your back.

Work On Your Core Muscles Daily

Exercise is a must to do each day and it is no joke that it makes you and your core muscles strong each day. The movement keeps the muscles and the bones strong. If you already have lower back pain start with low-impact exercises that do not add much weight and pressure to your bones. You may then increase intensity as days pass by. The workout will leave you fresh and keep you physically fit.

Eat healthy Diet

Eating healthy is extremely important and one should make healthy changes in their lifestyle to incorporate healthy and rich foods into the diet. Foods that you eat should provide you with the right amount of vitamins and help you build immunity with time. Healthy food doesn’t need to be bland, it can be spicy, and it can be creative and yet fulfilling. You may also incorporate vitamin supplements to fulfill your daily vitamin requirements.

Protect Your Back While Lifting Heavy Objects

The most common back pain mistake that we face is due to our habit of picking up weight and heavy objects without wearing proper support or maintaining proper posture while doing so to equally distribute the weight. The reason carrying weight without support causes dislocation of discs and escalation can lead to fractures which are often difficult to treat when it comes to the backbone.

You can wear a sacroiliac belt to provide your lower back with the support and care it needs when lifting heavy objects or working out with weights. It prevents injury and adds support to the back.

Rest Your Back after Sitting

If you have a job where you must sit for long hours, then it is best to take a break and stretch your back after every 30 or 40 minutes. The rest your back gets during this time is good for the posture as well as you because the long sitting hours put a strain on your shoulder, neck and back. The pain spikes and inflammation are all treatable with little care to the back and posture. Make sure you stretch your body now and then for proper care.

Get Your Back a Rest and Sleep Properly

It is important to pay attention to your mattress and the support it gives to your back. The sleep you get should be peaceful and sound. For this, you require a firm back supporting mattress that provides the proper shape of your back and also proper ventilation in the room for quality sleep. Waking up with a tired body further escalates problems and leads to back aches.

Get Massage on Your Back

Investing in your physical health is a necessity and not a luxury, get regular back massages for yourself to ensure that your stress points are relaxed and do not suffer from any pressure that leads to lower back pain. The massage experts use your pressure points to relieve pressure and provide a rather relaxing experience so you can recover from a long period of grind and hard work.

Wear Supportive Shoes

If you think investing in good shoes, does you no good then you are farther from the truth. The backbone is connected to the entire body and if you have shoes where the soles are not providing correct and proper support to your ankles and toes then you are in for a backache that is here to stay.

Your shoes protect and provide your back with the necessary support because as you walk you shift your body weight from left to right as you take more steps, the more you walk comfortably the more health benefits you reap. But if your shoe is not the right type, you may suffer from backaches that are adamant.


There are many advantages to taking care of our physical health which we often take for granted. The healthier your spine is, the better shape your physical body is in. Your back starts from the hip joint and goes all the way to the nape of your neck. It contains muscles and bones that provide adequate support to the body to function and work properly.

The pain you feel when you bend to pick something may be because the lower back is subjected to long hours of improper posture of sitting or standing at one position. It may also be because of any injury or incident that you might have suffered from. In all cases, your lower back requires support along with quality sleep and diet. You can wear a sacroiliac belt for firm support and get a firm mattress for quality sleep. The diet should be rich and dull with energetic foods that nourish your body.