Playing relaxing games can come in handy in a situation when you are on vacation and want to have fun. At such a moment, most people do not want any challenges and complicated stories – they just wish to cool their heads and relax a bit.

The following collection includes games that are pleasant to watch and listen to and seem quite interesting to play while you are enjoying such a long-awaited vacation and looking forward to Bulletstorm 2 release date.

1. Stardrew Valley

It is a meditative and incredibly cute farming simulator. You need to clear the land from weeds, go to the city to sell the products, communicate with the locals, start a family, finish building a house, craft everything – there’s always a lot to do. It is a relaxing routine with soulful music. Besides, there are all sorts of “bonus” activities in the game like fishing or extraction of resources in a mine, where you can even encounter monsters.

It should be noted that the game supports Xbox One, as well as Xbox 360 controllers on a personal computer, and has full controller support on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4. Portals devoted to popular eSports news often write about this game.

2. Flower

It is difficult to come up with a more relaxing concept – here you need to control the wind flows picking up the flower petals in the picturesque green meadows. Both grass and petals vividly react to your every movement. Undoubtedly, music, in general, plays a huge role in all the games that fall into this collection. Initially, the game was released on the PS3, but today it is also available on iOS, where it looks even more appropriate.

3. Alto’s Adventure

It is a very popular and simple game for iOS and Android. The main character simply comes down from a snowy mountain on a snowboard, at the same time returning escaped lamas to the herd and collecting bonuses with coins. The magic of pictures and music also works successfully. There is just one melody but, according to numerous players, it does not bother during playing the game.

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4. Bulletstorm

The actions of the game take place in the 26th century and its plot tells the story of space pirate Grayson Hunt, formerly a Special Agent. When confronted with his dishonest former commander, he is in complete danger after getting to the planet Stygia, from which he tries to escape with his comrades and take revenge.

Many fans have already been looking forward to this popular game sequel. If you are also interested in Bulletstorm 2 release date PC, find out curious information about the game on the internet.

5. Everything

In this game, there is almost no gameplay and indeed it regards everything. All you need to do is to be ethereal and get into everything: deer, trees, stones, germs, continents, galaxies, birds, mushrooms, spiders, bears, clouds and so on. And then you can move around, communicate with other representatives of your species. For many people, it seems quite funny. However, the developers say that this is quite a serious game since it is also voiced by the lectures of the philosopher Alan Watts. The game features some records of his performances regarding the basics of his interpretation of Eastern philosophy.

6. Entwined

The game is philosophical. Through abstract forms, vibrant colors and pulsating rhythm, it will tell about love, emotions and the mystical connection of two living beings. However, only those who are ready to analyze a lot will understand this information. For others, it will be just a pleasant audiovisual experience. You need to fly through the tunnel, controlling an orange fish and a bluebird while going through sectors of the appropriate color – and that’s the whole gameplay. Much more important are other things: how the game is designed and how the image merges with sounds and music, so a player can easily immerse in a trance.

7. Sound Shapes

This is a game for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita about an abstract ball that rolls through the levels and sticks to almost any surface. Its developers created thoughtful interesting levels that seem to be real art installations. Besides, the game has a very interesting musical accompaniment.

Sound Shapes has several sets of levels – albums. Each has its own visual style (always excellent) and its own composer – among others, for example, Beck and deadmau5 took part.