If you’re tired of paying $10 to go see a movie, you might be thinking about converting one of your rooms into a home theater. You already have a vision of what you want but aren’t exactly sure how to get there. To help you pull off this feat, here’s a quick guide with 8 helpful tips for setting up your home theater.

1. Find the optimal viewing spot.

Believe it or not, there’s actually an equation you can use to find the perfect seating distance from your home theater’s screen. If you ever thought math wouldn’t be applicable in the real world, you should think again. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too complicated. Simply take the measurement of your screen’s diagonal length and multiply that by 2. That’s about how far you should place your preferred seating for your home theater. You have a few inches for adjustment to find your optimal spot, of course.

2. Take care of the noise problem.

Whether you’re building your dream theater in an apartment or house, you’ll want to invest in some noise reduction strategies to keep your neighbors from filing complaints. It might be a hassle, but it’s much better than having to turn down your favorite TV shows whenever there’s a complaint. Carpeting is the best type of flooring you can buy for your home theater due to its natural sound-absorbing capabilities. You can also buy large drapes to go over your windows to take in some of the sounds as well. Sound panels are also a viable option if you’re wanting to show off your new sound system.

3. Figure out your speaker situation.

Your TV’s built-in speakers aren’t going to cut it in your home theater. You need something with more volume and space. If you’re in a tight apartment or room, a soundbar is a great option due to its affordability and compactness. For larger spaces, floor speakers are a great option and can really bring that cinematic feel. For something a little fancier, consider placing speakers throughout the room in order to create a more immersive experience.

4. Hide the wires.

With the TV, speakers, DVD player, and videogame consoles, you’re bound to have a jumble of wires by the time you’re done setting everything up. In addition to being completely disorganized, this complicated mess of wires is an eyesore. It’s a good idea to find a way to keep this mess out of view in your new home theater. You can put a false wall, run the wires through your actual wall, or invest in some individual wire holders.

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5. Embrace the bass.

There’s nothing better than having deep sounds reverberate through your home theater. While there are some surround sound systems and soundbars capable of carrying deeper tones, you’ll need a dedicated bass speaker to really bring about the professional auditory experience. Subwoofers are the type of speaker you’ll be looking for. Hanging it from your ceiling or mounting it to your wall will help carry the vibrations and sounds throughout the room, really drawing you into the movie.

6. Get some comfortable seating.

Other than large screens and impressive sound systems, seating is the key factor that separates a casual TV room from a designated home theater. Whether you’re investing in individual lounge chairs or a large sectional, make sure your theater seating is spacious and comfortable.

7. Set up your TV antenna.

While home theaters are great for movies, you’ll still want access to regular TV channels to catch your favorite series or those big sports games. Although you’ve been able to handle most of the home theater project on your own thus far, it’s advisable to hire a professional for this portion of the process. If you live in the area, consider working with the professionals at TV Antenna Signal Solutions Sunshine Coast.

8. Throw a grand opening for your home theater.

No home theater is ready for use until there’s an official christening. Invite your friends, family, and your significant other over for a movie or series marathon. Make popcorn, buy snacks, and stock your fridge full of drinks. You might have to pull some chairs and beanbags from other rooms in your apartment or home to give everyone a seat.

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