Overeating and insufficient physical activity are common, but far from the only reasons for obesity. If you eat right, do not forget about exercising. But if you are still gaining weight, perhaps the problem is completely different.

Most of the people blame over-eating for being the main cause of increase in weight. This might be true in many cases. However, it is not the only reason. There are several other reasons for steadily gaining weight. For treating a problem, it is important to identify its cause.

Similarly, when you start to get fat despite regular exercising, you should be aware of its main causes. Only by knowing the root problem, you can get cure it. This article will tell you about the main causes other than over-eating that lead to gradual weight gain.

Reasons Why You Are Gaining Weight Suddenly

1- Depression

In a state of depression, many are unable to control their appetite and do not feel full. The situation gets aggravated by antidepressants; weight gain is often included in the list of side effects. Seeing the reflection in the mirror, a person falls into a state of apathy, which worsens his/her health.

Moderate exercise without overexertion can help break the vicious circle. They cause the release of endorphins and partially replace medicines. Many people do not even know that they are going through depression, affecting their physical appearance. 

However, if you feel sad, have negative thoughts about yourself, and want to stay alone, then you might be going through depression. In such a state, you have to seek help from a specialist. It will not help you improve mental health but also reduce the sudden increase in weight.

2- Consumption Of Alcohol

If you and your loved one are continuously doing the exercises, but there is no sign of weight loss instead you’re gaining weight, then alcohol can be the reason.  Most people do not know, but excessive consumption of alcohol can cause a gradual increase in weight. 

It not only depends on the quantity of alcohol you are drinking but also on the type, your lifestyle, and diet. Therefore, be very careful with the choice of drink, especially at parties. It is better to let go of this bad habit of drinking alcohol. Otherwise, there will be not only signs of sudden weight gain but also other health problems. 

If you cannot convince your loved one to get rid of this addiction, you should get help from a specialist. They can guide you about how to help an alcoholic, moreover, will provide support throughout the process.

3- Medicines

Many birth control pills, steroids, migraine pills, and beta-blockers can affect weight gain. If you notice unnecessary roundness in the waist area, re-read the list of side effects of the medicines you are using. After that, you should consult your doctor. Perhaps he/she will suggest another drug that does not increase weight.

Strictly adhere to the recommended dosage. Sometimes obesity is provoked not by the tablets themselves, but by an excess of active substances. You should not exceed the dosage; just stick to the prescribed amount. Otherwise, you can damage your health.

4- Metabolism

Slow metabolism and lazy gut are often the cause of unhealthy weight gain, stool problems, and acne problems. Food gets poorly digested; toxins get retained in the body and slowly poison it. The main reasons for slow metabolism can be a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.

For example, drinking alcohol, eating high-sugar foods, or sitting all day can affect metabolism. The best way out is to change the diet. Include natural fiber in it: raw vegetables, bran, and cereal bread. Drink plenty of clean water and limit sweets, junk food, alcohol, and fatty foods.

5- Lack Of Vitamins

Weight gain can be associated with a lack of iron, magnesium, and vitamin D. Persistent deficiency of these elements reduces activity. A person becomes lazy, apathetic, and even minimal physical activity becomes difficult. 

At the same time, he/she begins to eat more, trying to replenish the supply of necessary minerals. Revise your diet to include red meat, poultry, fish, legumes, and nuts. You can get vitamins and minerals from food rather than taken in pill form.

6- Lack Of Sleep

Insomnia, night vigils, and shift work: all this interferes with the body’s normal rhythms and leads to stress. Constant lack of sleep leads to metabolic disorders and uncontrolled overeating. It is necessary to sleep at least 7-8 hours to restore rhythms and in complete darkness. Go to bed at the same time and do not eat too heavy: an overflowing stomach provokes nightmares.

7- Menopause

During menopause, a complete hormonal change occurs in the female body. The amount of estrogen decreases, the hormonal imbalance leads to sudden mood swings, tearfulness, and insomnia. During this period, women feel very vulnerable and seek the usual consolation of delicious food.

Particularly dangerous is the visceral fat in the abdomen, which envelops the internal organs. A reasonable diet with phytoestrogens will improve the situation. You should include soy, fermented milk products, fresh vegetables, and herbs to your diet.

8- Diseases

Various diseases can be the cause of abnormal obesity: type II diabetes mellitus, ovarian cysts, pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, liver problems, and thyroid dysfunction. Patients are forced to limit themselves to physical activity, and therefore gradually gain weight.

A suitable diet with portion control and therapeutic exercises under the supervision of your doctor will help to solve the problem. It’s important to avoid over-eating, and only then the moderate physical activity will be beneficial.

Summing Up

Some non-obvious reasons cause a sudden increase in weight. The most common ones have been mentioned in this article; diseases, menopause, depression etc. Therefore, you should get yourself checked by a specialist regularly. The sooner you get to know the problem, the quicker the recovery will be.

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