Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that can make all the difference. Many times we take for granted these small things but without them, the big impact we had been hoping to make wouldn’t happen. Ask any lash artist why lashes are important and they would tell you a whole list of things you wouldn’t have thought. If you are a lash artist, it is the right time for you to start collecting all the tools required to make eyelash applications effortless.

Eyelash application not only requires skilful hands and expertise developed over the years but also the right tools in hand. It may come as a surprise to new lash artists that there are so many things that can come handy.

Here are 9 tools necessary for any lash artist to shine in the beauty and related industries.

1. Strip Lashes

As a lash extension artist, you may wonder what’s the use of strip lashes? Some clients may be regulars and some may only visit for special occasions.

Most lash-addicts wish they could have your treatment more often but time or money may be low.

You can up-sell to your clients with a good stock of strip lashes they can wear in-between treatments, a recommendation for a brand from yourself can go a long way.

Party Babe strip lashes are excellent as they are the closest to eyelash extensions. Brilliant for that last-minute party invite.

It’s a good idea to recommend your client have a back-up pair in their makeup kit for just this occasion!

2. Quality Lashes

Always keeping a few varieties of quality lashes can do wonders for your career. Your clients will keep coming back because they know you provide not only the best service but also use the best lashes available on the market.  Additionally, good quality lash extensions hold their curl for longer hours and they do not obstruct in any manner.

3. Quality Adhesive

If there is one tool apart from the eyelash extension that every lash artist must always possess, it is a good quality eyelash glue. Imagine how livid your clients would be at the embarrassment they would have to face if their eyelash extensions came off in the middle of an important meeting! You wouldn’t want that to happen to you, would you?

So whether you are just starting as a fresher or have been in the business for a long time, make sure that you always have quality adhesive in your bag. Trust us when we say it is vital for your career. You can always research your options and choose the type that best suits your needs. 

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4. Comfy Pillows

Sometimes it pays to have everything handy and not wait for the client to provide you with things as and when you need. One of them is a comfy pillow. Whether you are working in a remote location with a shooting crew shouting orders at everyone or at the client’s home, if you do not have a comfortable pillow to hand, you wouldn’t be able to do your job quickly and hassle-free.

Most times it can be really difficult to get a cushion-sized pillow that allows your client to rest comfortably without it becoming an obstruction to your work if you have not invested in one beforehand.

5. Face Masks

Lash artists, much like makeup artists, have to work under all kinds of conditions without showing discomfort. Understandably, it can be a challenging aspect which is why it’s recommended to keep face masks as a precaution.

It allows you to take care of yourself without worrying about the client’s reaction. Since you are constantly exposed to all types of beauty products and surrounding dirt, it is best to cover at least your mouth so that they do not have any adverse effects on you. Moreover, it cannot be denied that a good looking, clean face mask makes you look professional.

6. Lash Palette

One of the tricks of the trade is to always be organised. Never go unprepared for the job at hand and importantly never go without a lash palette. It may seem to be a simple, inconsequential thing but a lash palette is useful most of the time.

A well-organised lash palette will have all your lash extensions properly placed, sequenced according to lash length, curl and thickness. When you have a wide-ranging lash palette you can work effortlessly.

7. Quality Tweezers

Oh! What’s the life of a lash artist without the right tweezers in her hand? You would agree that without quality, reliable tweezers in your hand, you could feel quite lost as an artist. Precision is very important for a lash artist because if you do not place the lash extensions in the right place in one go, it would mean disaster.

Since you have to deal with a sensitive area while ensuring that you do not harm the eyes, you should carry a few types of tweezers with you all the time. There are two types of tweezers we’d recommend –

  1. Isolation Tweezers – Isolating each eyelash before you put an extension is vital. It not only makes your job easier but also allows you to glue the artificial lash easily.  
  2. Lashing Tweezers – They come in handy when you want to delicately pick up the extension from the lash palette. Lashing tweezers are also helpful when you want to glue the extensions. If you are worried about what to clean eyelash extension tools with, you need not worry. Just wipe them clean with a cotton pad after every use, and you would be good to go.

8.  Eye Pads

A good lash artist always cares for her clients and wants them to be comfortable. Keeping eye pads can help you always keep your clients happy. Eye pads help to keep the lower lashes in place making your application easier. 

9. Glue Remover

You might not need it all the time but they can be quite handy especially when you are working with a client who has a few remaining lashes from the precious application. You can use the remover to clean the eyelash.

Consequently, eyelash application from lash artists not only requires skilful hands and expertise developed over the years, but also the right tools in hand. It is recommended that aspiring lash artists research the reasons why they need to use specific tools and the benefits of doing so.  Using eyelash tools effectively will enable you to develop a long-lasting relationship with a client.


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