In a magazine survey, it once got reported that nearly fifty percent of the total population of women would only prefer using mascara if they are given the option of using one makeup product for their lives. But think of the chances if your eyelashes were lush, long, and dark. I am discussing eyelash extensions here.

Eyelash extensions supplies:

are applied to intensify the curliness, length, thickness, and fullness of real eyelashes. The extensions might be produced from various materials, including synthetic, mink, horse, or human hair. The chief process of joining the extensions is by making use of the adhesive paste to attach the lash enlargements to the eyelash line independently. The lashes are put hair on the hair on your individual lashes so that your actual lashes get enlarged and extended. Eyelash extensions and Fake eyelashes are not the same. Exactly like real eyelashes, the extensions come out easily. They need to be stuffed up around every three weeks. Semi-permanent eyelash extension supplies and false eyelashes both improve the volume and length of eyelashes, although they vary in different ways.

The ratio of Standard lashes is a 1:1 to the extension applied, as one fake extension is fixed upon one real eyelash. Volume fan lashes mixed together with classic lashes make the Hybrid lashes. Volume lashes are two-six light lash extensions that make a triangle shape to provide for a look of sufficient feathery eyelashes. Mega volume lashes are ten or more super-thin eyelash extensions. Pre-made fans are instant volume lash extensions. They are prepared on the sticker tape for simple pick-up and fast application. Hybrid Lashes is a set that includes volume fans, and classic individual eyelash extensions joined together for the latest in textured, fluffy lashes. Also attributed as a ‘mixed set,’ they give a denser, thicker, look than classic lashes, but without the softness and uniformity of a standard Russian mass set.

Temporary false lashes: 

Temporary synthetic lashes are joined with temporary eyelash glue. These are not intended to wear when sleeping, showering, or swimming. The eyelashes come as clusters, individuals, and most generally, lash bands. The captivating lashes work by putting the artificial eyelash between actual lashes. So, they are sandwiching in real eyelashes with the eyelash extensions. Because of the nature of these sticking lashes, a lot of people have shown their concern regarding this fashion trend. But, these lashes have no peril to eye health, as the magnets which are used are too little to cause any hazard or harm to the eyes. A few people even insist that magnetic lashes are more reliable than the standard fake lashes, which require adhesive to stick them. This is based on the evidence that lash glue often comprises such ingredients as the latex, allergen, or even toxic chemicals like phthalates, formaldehyde, or ammonia.

Semi-permanent lashes: 

Semi-permanent lashes are also called as individual eyelash extensions. These are lashes stuck with glue that is mostly cyanoacrylate. There are various varieties of cyanoacrylates, including methyl, ethyl, octyl, and butyl. It is made for sticking to various surfaces. Lash extensions provide the illusion of having mascara on without the smudging of makeup and untidy clumps. Usually, an individual eyelash is put on each real eyelash. When stuck well, neither the glue nor the eyelash extension must meet the eyelid as it may create inflammation. This last style naturally falls out, which is mostly around a month. After a month, new lashes need to be put again. It makes this eyelash extension supplies process to be repetitive.