Acronis True Image 2018 Review

This Acronis True image Review was revised and updated on Dec 02, 2017.

acronis 2018 true image

Acronis True image 2018 backup offers rock-solid backup/imaging features, and is one of the best backup software programs on the It’s a top-tier backup solution that offers superior protection and performance.

With this new version, Acronis True Image 2018 is fully optimized for Windows 10 and fully supported for the latest Mac OS. Improved software interface and new powerful features such as new data synchronization and archive to connected storage and NAS devices and cloud, one-click backup, and fully integrated cloud backup. In addition, Acronis’ nonstop backup feature automatically creates incremental backups every five minutes, allowing users to roll back their system, files, and folders to any point in time and enhanced NAS support.

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  • Nice interface and high performance tools
  • Backup files/disk imaging, clone
  • Full Cloud Backup intgreated
  • File Synchronization
  • Continuous data protection
  • Remote back up
  • Mobile Backup support
  • Cloud storage only available for subscribe user
  • heir phone support has been known to be lacking
Bottom Line

while offering super fast hard drive backup, cloud backup, file sync and mobile backup, Acronis True Image 2018 is one of our first choice for best backup software in the market.

Acronis True Image Review 

Ashampoo Excellence 2018Award editor choiceThe new Acronis True Image 2018 is an award-winning backup and recovery solution for a good reason: it protects your PC after just one click and provides your PC with recovery from viruses, unstable software downloads, and failed hard drives. It creates an exact copy of your PC to restore it from if a major failure occurs. ATI backs up important files and recovers them quickly. If you have two or more PCs, and want them to mirror a selection of files or folders, it’s now possible with the new file sync feature.


Acronis 2018 data and backupAcronis True Image 2018 has a new, revamped interface. This makes program easier to use even for novices. The interface will help beginners configure their first backup job easily and quickly. Acronis provides maximum flexibility to ensure that users are adequately protected. So, whether you’re an advanced user looking to control the whole backup process manually or an average user who simply wants a set-it-and-forget solution, this software can match your workflow. It also has recovery from events such as viruses, unstable software downloads, and hard drive failures. True Image 2018 creates an exact image copy of your PC for a full back up, or you can choose to backup only your important data and application settings – your choice!

Also with this new version, Acronis has added a new improved cloud backup and file sync feature that is easy to set up. Simply specify a folder you’d like to sync, then either point the program to another local folder – this can be on a network folder, an external drive, whatever you like – or point to your Acronis True Image cloud account.

acronis true image 2017 toolsAnother compelling new feature in this version is the enhanced NAS support. Instead of having to dig through network shares to manually locate your NAS device, Acronis detects it automatically and lists it for you. This way, can easily back up multiple network-based PCs to a safe and reliable storage site. Also, if you have a 2TB or larger external hard drive that’s not compatible with your Windows Operating System Acronis Extended Capacity Manager, you can still use it to store all your backups on. And you can restore from it just as easily—like any other hard drive.


The best aspect of the software is its full level of backup selections. Acronis Nonstop Backup provides continuous system and data protection of files and folders (formerly, the software could only be backed up in entire partitions) which allow you to travel back to a specific point in time with Acronis Time Explorer to view screen shots of Windows backup and installation events. Also, USB 3.0, GPT drives, and others are now supported on the recovery disc. Better integration with Windows 10 lets you replace the operating system’s Windows Backup functions. Acronis’ support virtual hard disk backup lets users choose the compression level of the backup. In addition, the scheduler lets you wake up the system from sleep or hibernation and now features Log Off and Shutdown options for Windows 8 and 10.


acronis-true-image-2017-cloud-backupI was impressed to see that Acronis True Image 2018, let me restore even my Windows system drive without requiring an emergency CD or flash drives with a simple touch of the F11 key. It woke up Acronis Startup Recovery Manager utility and restored the system drive from the image and then rebooted into the restored drive. Acronis True image had a solid performance throughout our testing on an attached NTFS 1TB flash drive. Acronis simply copies your files using nonstop backup with a remarkable speed.


With Acronis True Image 2018 оffеrѕ thrее prices packages. Thе first iѕ 1 time purchase for $49.95 cloud storage not included and limited to email and online chat support. The ѕесоnd package is 1 year subscription which highly recommend this include 500 GB cloud storage with all features (Cloud, Mobile, file sync fоr $39.95/Yearly, and you can add more storage space but the price will go up include phone, email and online chat support. The third is thе 2 year subscription for $59.95, offers 50 GB cloud storage and Phone support


We’ve been impressed with Acronis for years. Acronis True Image 2018, continues to innovate and improve year after year to maintain its premier position. The product provides all the essential data protection without some of the gimmicky features we’ve seen elsewhere. It has a broad scope of protection with it’s rock-solid backup solutions, very powerful features; and it’s a very good choice for disk image and date protection software offering peace of mind at an affordable price.

Not convinced that Acronis True Image is the right choice for you? check out our other top rated backup software Genie Backup Manager and NovaBackup Pro

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Acronis True Image 2018 backup offers rock-solid backup/imaging features, Acronis True Image is fully optimized for Windows 10 and fully supported for the latest Mac OS. Improved software interface and new powerful features such as new data synchronization and archive to connected storage and NAS devices and cloudAcronis True Image 2018 Review