When it comes to safety, as mothers, we do whatever it takes for our family to be protected. We look for a house in private sets, we install anti-theft sheets in the car and even hire a service to track by GPS the location of ours.

But if our budget is not adjusted for a move, think about installing a video security circuit. The advantages of using security cameras are multiple and in this post, I invite you to meet them. Remember that no effort in security is wasteful. Everything is allowed when it comes to sleeping peacefully.

Check these advantages in the use of security cameras

1. Know who is behind the door

Extremely basic. Sure, in case you do not want to put peepholes in the doors. It is a very important precaution both in the city and in rural areas. If you have any suspicion of someone, the home security cameras will help you get rid of that concern.

2. Prevents thefts

Definitely, a thief will think twice before wanting to get into a house that has a camera recording. It is like that. Many times in the news we can see that attempts to steal at home simply remain in that, in attempts. Once the thief knows there is a camera, he immediately hides his face and runs away. Do not forget that there are other options to prevent a theft.

3.   Agility in response times

If you notice that someone is very much in your house on the same day or several days a week, it is a sign that this person wants to enter at any cost. The security cameras will allow you to alert the Police immediately. Please, do not assume that it will not happen. Be cautious and trust in that sixth sense that has always characterized us.

4. Help solve crimes

Do not panic. Many times the authorities require the support of home security cameras to identify faces, objects forgotten somewhere or placed on purpose, even to identify suspicious car license plates. Of course, everything also depends on how sophisticated your system is and the resolution quality of the cameras. The law today provides that videos of security cameras are considered as evidence of crimes.

5. How is the home going while you’re not

A concern that does not leave us in peace is to know if things at home go as we have planned, every time we have to leave. With the security cameras we can review the tapes and observe the work of the nanny, that will give us a unique peace of mind, so also your honesty with our goods.

6. You can monitor your phone

If you like to control everything from your Smartphone for your home security, the application stores have a myriad of solutions for you to turn your cell phone into a surveillance camera. Any device with a camera and an Internet connection can be transformed into your own video surveillance service.

Where and how to install security cameras?

No doubt one should go in the front door! Other strategic sites are:

Hidden windows and second-floor entrances: the windows hidden by the trees are privileged places for a thief. In addition to the installation of security cameras around the main doors, any window that is not visible from the street must have a camera.

Basement and entrances to the garage: Many of us neglect this place, but I remind you that the second most expensive good is stored there after the house. Yes, the car. And although this has its own alarm, it is not bad that you place one. Not to mention the basement, in case you have it. Surely in your peaceful sleep, you will never hear what happens in that place.

Interiors: Once the exterior is protected, we go inside. In the event that the thief has cheated your cameras, you can’t escape from one in the middle of the room. It would be good if it is connected to an alarm system that activates immediately, like a motion sensor.

The ideal for the installation of security cameras is to make it a company of experience and your trust. Ask your family or friends about their experience and, above all, the reliability of the company staff that will do the installation. Remember that someone else, apart from you, knows where they are located and how they could be circumvented.

Do not forget that a good insurance for the home is the best backup in case you suffer some theft.

Tell me down here if you already decided to install security cameras in your house.

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