American fighter jets drop a fourth “unidentified object” on the border with Canada

American fighter jets drop a fourth unidentified object

An “unidentified object” was shot down by a missile by US fighter jets Sunday over Lake Huron on the border with Canada, US officials said, and it is believed to be the same object that authorities tracked over Montana the night before, according to the Associated Press.

Following multiple shootings of flying objects in Alaska and Canada at a height putting commercial aircrafts in danger, the agency noted that this incident was no exception. Officials who had knowledge of the crash spoke to The Associated Press under conditions of anonymity due to its delicate nature.

“The object was shot down by Air Force and National Guard pilots,” Rep. Elisa Slutkin, of Michigan, who sits south of the lake, tweeted.

Michigan Representative Jack Bergman also said that the US military had “disabled” an object over the lake, according to AFP.

There was no immediate confirmation from the Pentagon, but Slutkin said she received a call from the department about this new object.

As we strive to gain more details in the upcoming days, it is essential that all stakeholders remain observant of this development since its arrival at our shores,” she declared on Twitter.

This comes at a time when the United States and Canada are working to recover the wreckage of three UFOs that were shot down over their lands, and amid growing tensions that have led to brief airspace closures in recent days.

Amidst a state of high alert, the US authorities announced earlier Sunday the closure of airspace over Lake Michigan near the border with Canada, before reopening it.

The airspace in the US state of Montana was temporarily closed Saturday, but the fighter plane sent to investigate did not determine the presence of a flying “object”, according to the military.

The United States believes that the first officially discovered object was a balloon operated by the Chinese army, and confirms that it is part of a fleet sent by Beijing over more than 40 countries on five continents for espionage purposes. 

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