3 hours after take-off, an American plane interrupted its flight and returned for a strange reason!

An American plane interrupted its flight hours after take-off and returned to the original airport from which it left in New York, for a very strange reason, which raised great astonishment among the passengers whose interests were disrupted and their flight spoiled due to the return of the plane without completing the flight.

The flight had taken off from “Newark Liberty International Airport” towards Tel Aviv, but it returned hours later to the place of take-off in New York, United States, without completing its course.

In the details published by the British newspaper “The Independent”, and viewed by Al Arabiya.net, the plane belonging to “United Airlines” interrupted its flight and returned to the United States hours after take-off, “after one of the passengers sat in the crew seat while he was waiting. ” to use the bathroom.”

On Sunday, a passenger on “United Airlines” Flight No. 90 to Tel Aviv got into an argument and began screaming at a flight attendant three hours after takeoff. Israeli newspapers also reported that other passengers found out they were headed back to the United States by checking the flight maps on their screens.

One of the passengers said: “The crew members told the rowdy passenger that if he does not return to his seat, the plane will return to New York.” The eyewitness added that the passenger did not pose any threat to the plane or the flight.

A United Airlines spokesperson said the flight returned to New York due to “agitated passenger” behaviour.

The spokesman pointed out that the flight, “United Airlines” No. 90, which was traveling from “Newark” airport in New York to Tel Aviv, returned to its place shortly after take-off due to the disability of a passenger. The law was applied on the plane, and the passenger was removed. “A new flight was due to depart on Sunday evening,” the airline told The Independent.

The airline added that when the plane arrived at the original airport, it was met by law enforcement authorities, and the passenger was taken off the plane. All remaining passengers were then taken off from the rescheduled Sunday evening flight.


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