The trend of people having wooden floors within their home has increased, but is this a fad or is there more to come?  Laminate wooden floors can be installed in almost any room in the home (or business) and they come with a lot of advantages.  People are beginning to ditch the standard carpets that they have and are replacing them with different variants of wooden floors.  This can include different laminates, oak, or engineering wood.  Clearly, people will have their own personal taste, and this may not be what everyone wants to see in their house but for various reasons, this is becoming more and more the preferred option.  Here are some reasons why we think this is the case.


Many years ago, to install wooden floors, this could be a bit of a nightmare that would need the dedicated support of an experienced joiner.  This is no longer the case and there are many different easy methods to now install this.  The click flooring is by far the most common for people and this comes with the standard toolkit (if purchased) that has all the basic DIY tools that you would need to complete this in totality.  New build houses also now offer people the option of having either wooden floors or carpets installed in their home before they move in.  If, however, people are not 100% confident in laying the flooring themselves, joiners will do this efficiently for low rates.


The cost of wooden floors is not high, especially if you manage to get a bargain in an engineered wood flooring sale.  These places will offer people the opportunity to buy material in the engineering flooring sale and scoop a bargain.  Make sure you have a good browse of the different types of flooring and look online at examples as to how that will look after installation.  The costings of the material are most of the costs associated with this, however, bear in mind if there is any underlay or tools also required to complete this.  This will add to the overall cost but is not overly expensive if you find an engineered flooring sale.


The big advantage that people really like to see with the wooden flooring is how this can be cleaned easily. Had a spillage?  Not a problem, this can be cleaned easily in comparison to the hassle you may have with a carpet where it won’t be removed.  Maintaining the flooring to a good quality standard is therefore not too difficult and if you focus on this, your flooring will last for many years to come!

Our Conclusion

As the installation of flooring seems to continue to rise, we do not believe that this is a fad and that this trend will continue.  Specifically, with new builds where people do not need to worry about the installation on their own, this option seems to be the favourite.