Arnold: The current generation is weak and spoiled, and young people must abandon their phones

Amidst the exponential rise of smart applications and social networking sites, Arnold Schwarzenegger has voiced his apprehension about the potential weakening of the current generation.

The movie star-turned-politician believes younger generations may be “weak” and “too spoiled”.

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Speaking to American radio, 79-year-old Schwarzenegger said that young people must learn to “accept pain, misery and discomfort.”

He continued to compare different generations with the achievements of the first generation of Americans, calling for teaching children to be strong, through playing sports and learning the meaning of pain and struggle, according to a report by the Telegraph newspaper.

“Put down your phones”

In addition, the Austrian-born American citizen, who was promoting his new book, “Be Helpful,” said that the greater the “struggle,” the greater the success.

Schwarzenegger added that young people need to be more active, by creating a goal, a vision, and something they can chase, advising children to put down their phones.

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“Turn off your phone, turn off your computer, turn off your iPad, turn off everything, and sit there and think, ‘What are you passionate about?'” he continued.

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