“Audi”, a new luxurious car with a distinctive design that enchants whoever rides in it

As part of the “sphere” series, the German “Audi” unveiled its new electric car, which is characterized by characteristics that make it luxurious and enjoyable for those who enjoy riding it.

The company, which is considered a giant in the automotive industry, presented several models of environmentally friendly electric test cars under the “Safir” brand, which expresses luxury and luxury, according to Audi’s vision for the future automotive world.

During the past years, the company announced several models, including the “skysphere” and “grandsphere”, all of which carried modern and innovative designs, based on interior space, technology and comfort for passengers on the move.

The Active Sphere recently joined the large family of German Audi, and the car comes with an exciting design at first sight. The company says that this luxury car was designed to be practical for daily use, on rough and difficult roads.

One of the characteristics of the car is that its doors open oppositely to provide more space when riding, and it comes with a special design for the trunk, where the lower section is folded while the rear glass slides up to provide additional storage space.

The new car can carry large bags, bicycles and more.

The Active Sphere also comes with electric motors at the front and rear axle of the car, generating a combined power of 436 horsepower, and provides a battery that gives it the ability to cover a distance of up to 600 km per charge, depending on use.

One of its advantages is that it is a fully self-driving car, and its interior design enables passengers to enjoy a unique driving experience, through the steering wheel hidden under the front end, as it slides towards the driver when summoned in an exciting way.

The front end of the car also acts as a screen, and uses augmented reality technologies for all controls and interactions in the car, using custom glasses from Audi to display the car’s status, navigation and entertainment. Commands can be given, and car settings can be set and controlled through gestures, just by moving the hands


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