Avast SecureLine VPN offers internet security via the use of an encrypted tunnel that allows a user to secure internet activity that is free from spying. Network security and privacy are key when using public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Avast SecureLine VPN provides protection, anonymity, and unrestricted internet access to users. This service has different offers and features that come with it. Websites offer Avast Reviews to users to help them select the right package and ensure their privacy and safety when browsing the internet as well as make them informed of the services and features offered by the VPN. Avast products have a free trial option and are mostly preferred due to their affordable packages and competitive features.

Avast SecureLine is best known due to its numerous server locations and good performance. It was first introduced and made popular due to the Avast antivirus software. Currently, it is the best online rated VPN service. Other than being affordable, the VPN has an easy setup and installation requirements and the software is user convenient. Avast SecureLine VPN offers privacy protection and security for both freelances and home users but cannot be used as a security tool by businesses, and companies. It supports several platforms i.e. windows versions, mac, android, and iOS.

Avast SecureLine has the provision of several servers and locations that meet the needs of its clients. It has approximately 54 servers and 35 different countries locations. The software can also be used when synchronized to a maximum of five devices. Other types of VPN do not allow connection of the same software account to several other devices managed by the same user. The Avast software has the highest level of security and provides users with protection from online hackers and threats by ensuring that the user’s data is not exposed while surfing the internet. The software does not keep logs and history on what websites and apps that the client has visited.

 Additionally, Avast SecureLine is known for its fast browsing speeds when accessing any platform or website. The users have reported fair speeds and access to high-quality content from other websites such as Netflix, media streaming as well as streaming online games and movies. The highly accepted speeds for internet activities vary for different users but the software provider works to ensure that everyone is satisfied. To ensure optimum activity even when there are several users, the providers ensure that the servers are many and keep increasing them for maximum capacity and accessibility.

Avast SecureLine also offers services to those who frequently download content from the internet. The software supports torrent sites and has a peer to peer support in a few countries. Most VPN service providers do not allow peer to peer torrenting. Avast allows up to 8 different server connections for p2p correcting connections. Examples of server locations that have unrestricted peer to peer connection are Miami, Florida, and Paris, France, among others. To access any services for peer to peer torrenting, the user connects to the specified server locations and does not have to be physically present in the named locations. The software also offers a user-friendly interface hence an excellent user experience in navigation, installation, and use of the app.

Avast SecureLine VPN has minimum interference on the operation of the device in which they are installed. The installation and launching process is easy and runs in the background. The application also requires a small storage space hence does not interfere with saved files. The computers working speed is not reduced since the app is not bulky or holds anything back. They also have a knowledgeable base on antivirus related support issues and provide phone support services.

Examples of Avast products and services are.

  1. Internet security- Avast has antivirus features and protection services. The app detects fake sites that promote identity theft, creates an advanced firewall that protects the user from hackers and suspicious apps, and has ransomware security that protects files and photos.
  2. Password manager that stores all passwords in an encrypted location and protected from hacker’s access.
  3. Avast antivirus- provides protection from different types of malware, viruses, ransomware, and online threats.
  4. Anti-tracker-this service allows a user to surf anonymously.
  5. Premier- the software ensures the client is free from any spying webcams. It also scrambles any sensitive information and updates the apps automatically.
  6. Driver updater- ensures that all the device drivers required by the app are updated.
  7. Secure browser-this protects the client from malicious websites and links which hackers may use to access private information through malicious fake websites.
  8. Mac security
  9. Mobile security for android and iOS users.
  10. Smart home security.

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Disadvantages of Avast SecureLine

  1. The Avast SecureLine has strict pricing and licensing requirements. The packages are sold as single device plans or multiple device plans with varying lengths of service time.
  2. Avast software does not give the user control features like ad-blocking, kill switches, and port forwarding which also provides extra protection and privacy.
  3. Avast does have several server locations but does not provide for a variety of server and country choices. Clients who want to do specific area searches are limited by this feature.
  4. Avast SecureLine does not provide total internet anonymity since they record the logging time and area and claim to help with any investigation on misuse.
  5. Poor customer support has been reported by many clients. Customers have complaints about how their problems are resolved. The Avast protection forum is more concerned with antivirus services than VPN services.


Avast SecureLine is a simple app that offers VPN services to a mobile or computer. It ensures the user’s internet security and privacy and has the best features for internet entertainment choices.it also offers protection of sensitive and private information from unauthorized persons. The prices and licensing options are also favourable to clients. For new users, the software is simple and easy to operate. However, the software generally offers a little restricted and limited privacy and security protection. It is best recommended for accessing geographically restricted or restricted internet content and connecting securely to public networks.