When it comes to getting married, there is one thing that is more exciting than the wedding itself, and this is the honeymoon! If you are currently considering your options for a romantic vacation, then we are going to take a look at five honeymoon destinations that will never disappoint. Read on to discover everything you need to know.

The Seychelles

There is only one place to begin, and this is with The Seychelles. A place of sheer luxury; the Seychelles provides the perfect blend between relaxation and fun. There is plenty to see and do. Snorkelling on Coco Island is a definite highlight for a lot of couples. You can also hike to the highest point of Seychelles too. Aside from this, you are going to have a lot of fun soaking in the sun on private beaches, as well as hopping from island to island via luxury charters. 

The Maldives

if the Seychelles is not for you, how about the Maldives? This is the perfect destination for a secluded, romantic getaway. It has consistently been considered one of the best honeymoon spots. The white-sand beaches and the spectacular sunsets are partly the reason for this. However, there is more to the Maldives; you can enjoy freshly caught culinary delights and the vibrant Maldivian culture. There is also excellent surfing opportunities here for all capabilities. 


Thailand is a place that is bursting with fun and personality. One of the great things about planning your honeymoon here is that your holiday can essentially be whatever you want to be. There are the relaxing and luxurious islands. However, you also have the vibrancy of places like Bangkok. A lot of people try to incorporate as much of Thailand into their trip as possible, so they can have a bit of everything!


how about Polynesia instead? Similarly to a lot of places mentioned, the beaches here are truly gorgeous. You can also expect some of the most beautiful lagoons in the world and you have them incredible overwater bungalows if you want to make your honeymoon really special. Aside from this, there are sunset catamaran cruises, great scuba diving and snorkelling, and verdant islands to explore. 


Finally, we have Indonesia, which is where you will find the beach paradise known as Bali. there are also countless pristine islands here too. Aside from this, you can expect luxurious relaxation retreats, plenty of wildlife, and incredible Indonesian cuisine. Of course, Indonesia is incredibly vast, so just like Thailand, your holiday can be catered to suit you and your partner’s interests and tastes. This siw here an experienced travel deal company can really come in when planning your trip. 

So there you have it: five of the best places to spend your honeymoon. If you are looking for holiday packages for your honeymoon, please do not hesitate to check out DealChecker. You will find some great deals to all of the places mentioned, and many more.

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