If you could pay less for your shopping or lower your utilities bills just by looking at your smartphone, would you do it? It may sound ridiculously simple but thanks to the rise of the smartphone app that’s now entirely possible. So, whether you’re looking to make sure you pay less for your weekly shop or get more treats for your cash, here are the best apps to help you save money.

An why wouldn’t you want to put a little effort into saving money – after all the money saved could go towards a treat like a week-end away or help you pay off existing debt so you don’t have to rely on expensive debt such as bad credit loans or no credit check loans for an emergency like your heating breaking down.

Pay less for food shopping: mySupermarket

Available as both an app and online, mySupermarket is designed to ensure that you’re always getting the best prices for what you buy. Use the app to create your shopping list and it will show you where you can get the items that you want to buy for the cheapest price. You can use the app in advance and you can even use it when you’re shopping. Scan the barcode on the items that you’re looking at in store and mySupermarket will tell you whether this is the best place to buy – or whether you could save money by purchasing it elsewhere.

Get cashback on what you buy: CheckoutSmart

If you’re looking to shop for free then CheckoutSmart is a good app to try. It offers a number of daily deals on items you might buy from the supermarket. All you have to do is go and buy one or more of the items on the daily list, take a photo of the receipt and then send it in via the app. You’ll get cashback for every item you buy that features on the CheckoutSmart list. The key with this app is to find items on the list that you would normally buy anyway – that way you’re essentially getting a part of your shop for free.

Get discounts on hotels and flights: HotelTonight and Skyscanner

Whether you’re travelling for business or booking a holiday, using an app can help you to save a lot of cash. HotelTonight has huge discounts on hotels all over the world, from Manhattan to Manchester. You can access the deals up to a week before you travel so booking at the last minute really will save you cash. Skyscanner also provides a central resource to help you find the cheapest hotels – as well as flights and car hire.

Save on gas and electricity by staying on top of usage: Meter Readings

The Meter Readings app is designed to show you exactly how much you’re spending on heating, hot water etc – so that you know where to economise. You can see exactly what you’re using every day and adjust when you turn the heating on/lights off etc to minimise it. Plus, there is a comparison feature that shows you what your neighbours are paying for their utilities – and whether you could save by switching.

Find vouchers so you can spend less: VoucherCloud

With Vouchercloud you can find discounts and deals on everything fun, from cinema tickets, to shopping and eating out. The app has an ingenious function that uses your location to show you the best deals closest to you. So, even if you’re on the move you can still see where you’ll be able to save the most on lunch, a night out or shoes.

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