Best Devices to Use for Streaming

When it comes to online content, viewing it on your phone is not really the correct way to do it. Yes, if you are travelling and want to catch up with your favourite show, or watch a match or something, you can definitely find some solace while watching it on your phone. The thing is movies today are really dynamic and the true fun of watching movies is definitely on a bigger screen. Obviously, the big screen is much more preferred, but we can all do with say a 50” television.

Streaming is getting easier day by day, subscriptions are getting cheaper and the amount of content there is, is simply mind boggling. From movies of old to newer releases and new TV series that come out almost each week. There is simply so much to watch and be engrossed into, you can start today and end literally never. 

Which screen to use?

Now, when it comes to screens you can use to start streaming and watching your favorite shows and movies, you have three options. Your phone, a TV, smart or not, and your computer. By far, the easiest way to stream is on your mobile phone. Streaming platforms often provide you cheaper subscription offers if you simply want to stream on your phone. Their quality is perfect to view on your phone.

The second easiest option is to purchase a smart TV. Smart TVs have inbuilt streaming applications that you only need the subscription to start streaming. They, however, are really expensive and do not provide much in terms of user friendliness. Do not get me wrong, they are incredibly versatile, and you can view a lot of different streaming platforms without having to install them yourself. I am simply suggesting that, for the price you end up paying, smart TVs are just not worth it. Cheaper smart TVs are readily available these days though. 

Then there is the option where you can turn your normal TV into a smart TV. Using devices like Chromecast or Firestick by Amazon, you can easily use your smartphone to turn your basic TV into a smart one and start streaming without a lot of hassle. These devices can be expensive, but there are good ones at a really low price. There is one such device that I can suggest to you. It is simple to use, cheaper than other similar devices and gives you a tonne more features and functionality. Read TVFix Caster Review for more details.

Your final option is to stream on your desktop or laptop. This is easily one of the most functional ways to stream online content. You do not get the sloppiness of TVs, neither do you have to view stuff on a small screen. For me, streaming on a computer is by far the easiest and best ways to quell your movie viewing desires. Using a computer, you can easily switch between streaming platforms without having to shut down any of them. Connecting to bigger screens for a much better viewing experience is also much easier done with a computer. 

You can try either of these, according to me, the cheapest way to stream online content is to use a streaming device with your basic TV. You would neither have to change your TV set up, nor would you have to spend a lot of money to make your TV stream ready. There are a few devices out there that allow you to turn your basic TV into a smart one by using it adjacent to your smartphone. 

The easiest way to stream however, is using a computer. You get a tonne of different advantages by using a computer as your primary viewing platform. You can manage different streaming platforms, change movies in no time and so much more. You get absolute control with a computer. As mentioned earlier, connecting it to another, bigger screen for a much more enhanced viewing experience is also possible. 

Devices to Transform Your Basic TV into a Smart TV

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of devices that allow you to connect your smartphone to a basic TV and turn it into a smart one. Chromecast, Firestick, TVFix Caster and TVShareMax are a few of these devices. 

Most of these devices can be a little expensive to purchase. They might not even provide you with so many features either. Firestick by Amazon is easily one of the better ones, since it gives you a tonne of functionality. However, TVFix Caster is a much cheaper option that provides almost a similar array of features and functionality. You can search these products online and look through their features to see which one matches you needs the most.


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