Buying a used car is a modest solution. You save money on depreciation costs, dealer fees and taxes, but you also expose yourself to potential risks.

No consumer wants to buy a fake or lemon car, but there are ways to protect themselves. To find out how to appreciate a used car, keep reading these great tips for finding a car.

Inspect the car

Before buying any used car, unless it comes with a warranty and certificate directly from the manufacturer, you should always have it checked and evaluated by an independent mechanic.

Your objective third-party opinion will provide you with an informed view of the vehicle and assist you to be on top of any potential problems or repair costs that the seller did not disclose or even knew about themselves.

Know the value of the Blue Book

Using the Kelly Blue Book ( or NADA Guidelines, you can determine the current market value of a vehicle based on its model year, make, model, mileage, condition and location.

Remember, the values ​​will change depending on whether you exchange the vehicle, buy it in bulk or retail. Also, the book value of a car is not set in stone but rather a baseline to work with.

Request a vehicle history report

With only a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can get your vehicle history report from a service like CARFAX. In their reports, you will find the full name and sales history of the vehicle, as well as odometer readings and information on whether the car has ever been scrapped or damaged during a flood.

Questions to ask your seller

Getting as much vehicle information as possible is the key to making your decision suitable. You can ask a private seller or even a dealer a few questions to help you make a decision.

How long have they owned it?

Again, this would be another question addressed to a private seller, but the dealership may have a car history report that can tell you how long the previous owner owned it. If you have had it for a short period, you must make sure that it is not for sale due to an unexpected problem.

Ask why they are selling the car

When buying used cars in hollywood fl from a private seller, you need to ask why they are selling the vehicle. You need to note that the dealer may also know the answer to this question. If this was a deal, they needed to upgrade to a larger car or even scale it down to a smaller size, and then it is essential to know why this car is up for sale. You want to ask this question to make sure the seller is not trying to get rid of it due to some of the significant issues you are experiencing.

History of car repairs

Always ask about repairs. When you purchase a used vehicle from a dealership, sometimes the previous owner left you at that dealership. They will have a complete history of car repairs to share.