Surely you’ve heard more than one and more than two, but the reality is that not all hunters follow them. If you want to be a hunter, do not miss the opportunity to read and practice these tips.

1. Do not buy lightly

If you buy a second-hand weapon, do not trust the first one. Look at all aspects, from the price to the state of the weapon. And ask how many experts you need before taking the step. Do not buy on a whim, it usually goes wrong.

2. Beware of humidity

After hunting, if it has been very cold, windy and humid, do not keep the weapon directly. Dry it and leave it at room temperature for a while at home. Then you can put it to the gunsmith, but if you do it before can appear rust spots that can damage the weapon.

3. Keep in mind the wind

It is always said that it is best to hunt with the wind in the face, but this does not always work, especially in stalking. Depending on the position of the animal you are following, sometimes it is better to go with the wind on your side, even though the shot will be more difficult.

4. Study the terrain

A good hunter kicks the entire preserve to know the differences, the entanglements, the steps, everything. Even the trees where the cattle are scratched. Do not miss opportunities because you have not studied before the land where you go hunting, pass and investigate.

5. Take care of the meat

The hunt ends at the table, but for this you have to be careful from the moment you shoot the animal, to put it cold as soon as possible. And then in the kitchen, not leaving the meat in the freezer longer than necessary so you do not have to throw it away without taking advantage of it. The pieces give us their life, the least we can do is to thank them for consuming their meat.

6. Do not overload an area

A position in a wait may be more reasonable than others, but you should not abuse it. Try different sites, surely you take more than one joy. Otherwise, the only thing that will happen is that the animals will not step on that area that you like so much.

7. Be stealthy

If the animal you are stalking suddenly appears at close range, do not act abruptly. Lock the gun very slowly. Surely the animal is also surprised, and in these cases usually stops a moment, take advantage of it. To get exact accuracy for shooting you can use best Glock sights for your gun.

8. Keep the sun on your back

Follow this advice especially at sunrise and sunset, when the sun is lower. If you go face to face, I could blind you and I would not let you shoot.

9. Watch your back

Come back from time to time on your steps, there are animals that go out to investigate what is that smell that you give off and you could find yourself with the greatest trophy you have ever seen. In addition, in the minor, there are pieces that get up just past you, pay attention to the noises.

10. You’re lost, and nothing happens

It may seem silly, but you can survive the weather with three simple steps: first of all, admit that you are lost and stay in the same place, and then use everything in your power to make a shelter to protect you from the inclemency and finally make a bonfire to not freeze.

11. Run your hand

When you hit the youngest, do not forget to run your hand. Point at the beak of the animal and advance the shotgun while shooting. Do not stop moving the weapon in the same path as the bird, so your shots will be more effective, and in the case of failure, you will be in a position to repeat the shot satisfactorily.

12. Point with your finger

It’s a trick that many sports shooters use. They use the index finger of the hand that holds the weapon to point in the direction of the target. With this simple trick, you gain precision, since you are more aware of the speed and angle that the piece follows.

13. Do not shoot if the dog does not fall into a sample

Even if any piece is raised, when you are hunting with your dog try not to shoot on the pieces that your partner does not mark you. Thus the animal will associate the shot with a reward for a job well done.

14. Do not force the collection

Never throw out the piece that your dog brings you. On the contrary, push the piece towards the jaw of your dog. In this way, when exerting pressure the animal will release more easily, although the ideal thing is that it releases it by itself.

15. Shoot with both eyes open

The best way to place a piece in the spotlight is to keep both eyes open so that the dominant eye sees the animal through the crosshairs and the other eye places it in its surroundings. It requires practice, but with perseverance, it ends naturally.

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