Moving into your first apartment’s one of the most exciting times of your life. You’ll get the TV all to yourself, you can invite friends over whenever you like, and eat whatever you want when you want to.

It’s not all fun and games being on your own though. You’re going to have to deal with some pretty serious adult responsibilities along the way too.

For starters, you’ll need to stock up on all the things you took for granted in your parents’ home. Do you even know where to start?

We’ve got your back! Check out this list of essential kitchen supplies to get you started in your new-found independence.

Basic Kitchen Appliances

If you’ve managed to find an apartment that already has a cooker and refrigerator installed, you’re in luck. You’ll only need a few small kitchen appliances for a convenient cooking and dining experience.

The only real necessity you need after that is a kettle unless you want to become a regular feature at your local coffee shop.

After that, a toaster’s nice to have and a microwave oven’s another bonus. If you can’t afford a dishwasher right away, that’s not the end of the world. Washing dishes for one person’s a quick and easy job, especially if you get into a routine.

A toaster oven’s a good multi-purpose tool that you can use for making toast, warming bagels, or grilling meat.

Remember, you’ll need sponges, brushes, and drying cloths to indulge in that daily chore.

Kitchen Supplies for Cooking

If you’re preparing meals on a cooker, try to figure out which types of cookware you need for the meals you like best.

One ten-inch skillet and a four-quart pot should cover all your bases when you’re cooking for one person. Always opt for non-stick cookware.

A roasting dish is great for warming up meals and braising one-pot dishes.

If you’re going to do most of your cooking in the microwave oven, you’ll need microwaveable cookware too. Most polythene, plastic, chinaware, and heat-resistant glassware are okay for microwave cooking too.

On the topic of one-pot meals, a slow-cooker is one of the best kitchen products you can buy if you work all day and don’t want to spend much time cooking at night.

It’s a good idea to buy your cooking utensils as a set, so you know you’ve got all the basics i.e. a spoon, slotted spoon, spatula, masher, and a whisk.

Do you love pasta and rice? Don’t forget a colander.

Eating and Drinking Kitchen Essentials

Disposable plates and cutlery are a tempting option but they’ll end up costing you a fortune and there’s also the issue of the 292 million tons of waste we already pump into our landfills every year.

You only need one or two of each item to start with unless you plan to do a lot of entertaining.

Tempered glass is the best glassware to buy unless you want to buy new glasses every time you crack a cheap glass on the kitchen faucet. Metal glassware is a stylish addition to any modern kitchen.

Don’t forget the coffee mugs and unless you like instant coffee you’ll need a French press for your morning cuppa.

Good quality silverware’s another sensible investment since it will last for years even with daily use. Opt for stainless steel rather than actual silver, unless you like polishing your knives and forks.

Don’t buy cutlery made from substandard materials like nickel silver. It simply won’t last.

Plates are best bought in a set that includes matching side plates and dinner plates. Don’t forget serving dishes and salad bowls too.

When shopping for these everyday items, try to stock up on a few high-quality items every time you do your monthly or weekly grocery shopping. If you opt for cheap alternatives, you’ll only end up having to replace them all eventually.

Other Useful Kitchen Gadgets

You might not use things like can openers, cheese graters, and vegetable peelers every day, but they belong at the top of your kitchen gadgets list. It’s pretty frustrating trying to figure out a plan B when you don’t have these common items.

A cutting board is another must-have item, and don’t forget a bread knife. You’ll also need a set of kitchen knives, although a general-purpose chef’s knife is good enough for starters.

Plastic or glass mixing bowls are great for baking and can double as salad bowls or for serving dishes for snacks like popcorn.

Even if you never bake a single cupcake, you’ll need measuring cups and spoons for a variety of other recipes. A kitchen scale’s another handy tool and one of those things you usually only need to buy once in a lifetime.

A juicer comes in handy when you need lemon juice in a recipe and a blender’s a great addition to any smoothie lover’s kitchen.

You’ll find a hand-held mixer comes in handy for making sauces as well as baking. A stick blender’s a wonderful gadget for smoothing soups and whipping cream.

Stocking up With the Best Kitchen Supplies

You don’t need to stock up on all these kitchen supplies in one go. It’s a good starting point to work towards though.

Go through the list and get the items that are most important to you first. Take your time finding pieces that you really like, rather than filling up your cabinets with cheaper, low-quality items all in one go.

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