Lawn care is a growing industry in Chesapeake, VA, and because of this there are many people who are trying to do the right thing, but don’t have the experience it takes to do the best job that possibly be done. There is a low more work that goes into having a good yard other than just mowing the grass. That’s why it’s important that you look into the best lawn care companies in Chesapeake VA for your professional lawn care needs.

For Business or Residential

It doesn’t matter whether you own your own business, or whether you’re just a local resident in Chesapeake needing professional lawn services. When you hire someone to do lawn care, you want the work to be of excellent quality, and numerous times, people try to mow their yard and give it the best color that they can and fail. They either kill their grass, or don’t get it short enough, as well as don’t feed and treat the grass. That’s when professionals like Lenard’s Lawn Care can help. They offer a quality lawn with numerous methods to treat, feed, and nurture your lawn so it looks the best with quality results.

What Do the Best Lawn Care Companies Do?

If you hire a lawn care company, the first factor to consider is the communication that you have with your contractor. If they start spitting out prices right off the bat, and try to get a quick dollar from you, you may be paying for someone just looking to fly through your yard, mow it, and be done with it. With companies like Lenard’s Lawn Care of Chesapeake, VA, you don’t get that kind of treatment. Even with the lowest lawn care package you can buy from them, you get cleanup and edging that you normally couldn’t get from most companies, who would just mow your lawn and leave you to clean it up. Why pay for a half-cut job when you could get the premiere service for the same price?

All Year Service

Many of the best lawn care businesses also offer cheaper rates and give a slight discount when you order yearly subscriptions to their lawn care service. With Lenard’s you get the lawn care plus package, which includes fertilization aeration and over-seeding, as well as weed control. Not only that, they do 4 lawn care cleanups after every mowing session, to make sure that your lawn is truly clean and healthy. This includes everything from brush, all the way down to grass cleanup.

Are they BBB Accredited?

When hiring a full-service lawn care company, you also want to make sure of things like that they are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. The higher the rating that they have, the better service they’re known to provide. There are many individuals who don’t have BBB accreditation, and those are sometimes the companies that you want to watch out for. Many of these local lawn care businesses may offer extremely cheap prices and quotes, or offer extra services, or even lie about just what they’re capable of performing. Then you are stuck paying someone for “work they performed” even if the quality of the work wasn’t very good. That is something that Lenard’s lawn care doesn’t put up or stand for, which is why they offer to go the extra mile for their customers.


Just being a lawn care service doesn’t classify a lawn care company as one of the best in the Chesapeake area. Look for options that can determine the quality of service that can include, but not be limited to being veteran owned, offering discounts, legitimate businesses that have a BBB rating, and always look on numerous sites to get reviews to go along with the reviews that a company will have on their site. Aside from reviews and testimonials, keep in mind that some lawn care services offer products that you don’t need. This is why it’s important for companies like Lenard’s to give you so many various options.

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