Working out may seem impossible for a lot of people especially when your days are spent going to work. Luckily, online workouts make exercising accessible. But to choose the right workout provider is hard due to the influx of online workout programs. To help you decide, here is a list of online workouts with excellent review ratings:

1. iBodyFit

iBodyFit has been ranked 1st among online workout programs available. It achieved an overall rating of 9.90 over ten because it’s available for subscribers with a wide variety of workout videos, exercises, diet plans, and online personal trainers. Among the programs are weight loss and strengthening routines for your fitness achievement. The videos are streamed but aren’t available for download, so they’re impossible for offline viewing. What makes it top rated is its excellent customer support that increases further as your membership level also increases.

2. HitchFit

Hitch Fit doesn’t boast celebrity bodies like Tracy Anderson but offers a lot of specialized regimes and personalized support to meet the specific fitness goal that aims for your personal goals. Their trainers are qualified, experienced and specialized on a one-on-one method of training, thereby gaining excellent reviews online.

HitchFit doesn’t have streaming videos available online but does have a lot of clips on YouTube that demonstrates the proper techniques in under a minute. But for their previous clients, they gave five stars for their personalized programs based on their answers to questionnaires upon subscribing such as when you want to improve your weight.

Also, links are provided to download videos and eBooks containing fitness information and nutrition which made them attract more positive online reviews. Because of their unique program, HitchFit is ranked 8.90 among online fitness services. It makes subscribers pay as much as those subscribed with Tracy Anderson at $85.99/month which they said to be worth their money.
Online Workout Reviews

3. Gaia

Gaia pops up every time you search for a Yoga or Pilates site, not usually at the top of the list but so often making into it. Formerly known as GaiamTV, it offers prospective clients an extensive selection of streaming videos about Yoga, Pilates, a combination of both and even Qigong and Tai Chi.

Because of Gaia’s programs, choses them as the best pick for online yoga.  Moreover, reviewers love Gaia for the hundreds of classes taught by world famous trainers like Tony Sherman, Kia Miller, and Kino McGregor. Their yoga offers different styles for different kinds of purposes. With their fee and plans that comes at $11.99/month or $99/year, their previous customers said that the programs are too beneficial at an inexpensive price.

4. MyYogaWorks

MyYogaWorks is nothing else but Yoga. It’s a highly rated online company, especially for yogas. Their site doesn’t offer any of those other things provided by Gaia, but Yoga alone. So for yoga lovers, they have rated MyYogaWorks highly because their sequences are filmed in a cozy environment that makes customers feel like they’re in a studio with the best and brightest Yoga teachers. Moreover, yoga lovers have taken the $15 a month classes to be worth it. With unlimited streaming of videos for both pure practitioners and teachers, clients gave positive feedback on its price.

Also, MyYogaWorks received positive reviews for their Vinyasa/Hatha-Based videos. Vinyasa and Hatha yoga focuses on increasing the strength and flexibility of the person while keeping their minds quiet. This program is excellent for yoga lovers practicing Vinyasa or Hatha.

5. Daily Burn

Daily Burn is also one of the common finds on the internet for online workouts. It’s one of the online fitness programs reviewed with a rating of 9.33 over a 10-point score. Like HitchFit customers, Dailyburners are provided with personalized plans after they submit their answers to the provided questionnaires upon subscription. Streamed videos can be viewed from mobile devices but can’t be downloaded for offline viewing. However, the company offers a companion app which enables you to access your workout program just about anywhere as long as the internet is available. It made them get positive feedbacks online as well. Although Daily Burn costs $14.95/month, online reviews say that it’s not much due to its personalization program.


 With your inability to go to a gym, online fitness services may be your last resort to stay healthy and fit. A lot of online workout programs are available from the Internet, but you always have to choose which of them would fit you best. Therefore, online reviews will help you to select the best.