If you are the skinny one who is simply not able to put on some weight despite having ice creams and milkshakes, you should try some fitness and weight gain tricks. Many skinny girls do not like the idea of wearing bikinis and summer shorts as they feel that they are not curvy enough to carry those outfits with élan. Some of you must have been cardio junkies and have lost the curves you are craving for now.

If you desire a hot body and wish to project a sexy look, you need to pick up weights instead of relying on your treadmill. Cardio is good for building calories but it is not effective in defining your legs and arms as desired by you. If you are aiming to incorporate some assets into your skinny frame and look really hot, follow the tricks discussed here. The best part is, if dedicated, women could be losing body fat successfully and likewise, they could be building more muscles and developing really enviable curves. Here’s how,

You Need to Eat More

Absolutely skinny girls must eat more. Are you shocked? No need to be. On most occasions, ladies are asked to watch what they are consuming. But if you want to boost your fitness levels and look nice and curvy, you require eating more. This would be great for building muscles.

Many girls do not have the right knowledge and relevant information about proper eating habits. They believe that their dietary habits must be really different from men. But if you are looking for fitness, you need to approach your dietary habits just the same way as a man would do. The only basic difference is mainly the total calories to be consumed. As men naturally have less fat and more muscle. Men are allowed to eat more.

Most skinny women aspiring for a super-fit and curvaceous body would be allowed 15 calories for every pound of their body weight. You need to incorporate quality calories into your meals. Concentrate on a truly balanced diet constituting different food groups such as lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats.  You need to chalk out a perfect caloric intake range and focus on staying within the set range for ensuring muscle gains but restricting fat gain. Look up for some real steroids for sale and have them only if your trainer or doctor recommends them for you.

You Need to Incorporate Weightlifting in a Big Way

Weightlifting would certainly not transform you into a hugely masculine and bulky person. This is a total misconception. Lifting heavy weights is essential for boosting your results. Remember that your muscles would be growing only when they are under tremendous stress. Heavy resistance training would be breaking down muscle tissue. It would be involving repair and rebuilding. The muscle would become larger and robust as compared to before. You are sure to develop envious curves only if you are truly brave and treat this as a fitness challenge.


If you are looking for results, you need to concentrate on exercises involving multiple muscle groups. Think in terms of deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, presses, and rows. These workouts would be challenging your body and end up building muscles and adding curves quickly. Switch to high-intensity exercises for best results.

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