Running a business is not an easy thing to do. You have to manage everything well consistently and know the products supply, cash flow, sales, and a million other things to be successful. A retail point of sale software system is a solution for those who want to control their business. Here, we have the list of best retail POS software system features your store must have.

 Sales Reporting and Analytics

This is very important because by using sales reporting and analytics you are able to track your sales accurately and in the real-time and the simplest way. By having transparent and accurate sales data, you can decide what you have to do next regarding the products. You know which one of the best selling products and not. As the result, you may manage the products supply well. This feature more than just sales tracking but it is also able to track the revenue you earn from each of the product. Later, you know how much income you get from the sales.

Customer Management

You are not only managing your products but you also need to manage your customers. This is the reason why customer management becomes a valuable feature. This feature works by collecting data from your customers. You can use the data to track the most valuable customers and what they get from your store. The features can track the brands they choose, price, type of product, and many more. The pos system is also an important feature to determine how to get loyal customers as well as how to manage them well.

Inventory Management

Just imagine how many products you have in your warehouse. It takes more time and energy to check them one by one manually. That’s why you need to use inventory management feature. Just like the name of the feature, the main function of the feature is to manage the products you have. It helps you to prepare a well-managed product catalogue so everyone can see it comfortably. By using this feature, you can control the stock of the products and control the amount of them. The feature is able to track the products based on the size, colors, and season. As the result, you can make sure that the in-season products are in the stock.

 Point of Sale

Indeed, it is also an important feature because the point of sale is able to track your sales. It helps you to track the best selling products. Again, the feature gives a significant impact where you can manage which one of the product you need to prepare for the stock and not. The point is that you can manage your spending on products because you know the products you need to buy.


This feature is a valuable thing for those who want to run an online business. The main function is to serve your online customers fast and easy. They can choose the products from the online catalogue, purchase it by using an online form and also choose the best payment method. By serving such kind of feature, you are able to boost customer loyalty level so they don’t move to the other online stores.

The Best POS Software for Retailers    

Vend is the first and the best retail point of sale system you need to consider. This pos system has a variety of features, which help to run your business effectively. For example, it has a point of sale feature so it can be used on iPad, Mac, or PC and even syncs in the Cloud for more access.

This feature also helps to work online or offline. You can also track the cash movements for better management. There is also an ecommerce feature, which helps you to import your products to the software in a few minutes. The payment feature provides the customers with some payment options.

There are also some valuable point of sale system features, which not only help you but also your staff and even your customers. The one we’d recommend is Vend, who has been used by over 20,000 retailers worldwide and helps them manage and scale their businesses better than before. Because of its performance, this retail POS software is listed as America’s best point of sale system for all types of businesses.

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