Technology is an ever growing and ever changing business, and so is the automobile industry. Smart cars are a compact and ultimately cheaper choice when compared with other car types, and are produced by the smart brand. With great cars, there must be a trustworthy platform and significant store to purchase them from, which is why the Sandown Group is favored by many. Sandown showcases an extensive collection of smart cars ranging from different prices and sizes. New cars as well as used options are offered by Sandown, along with accessories and repair services if needed. Ideally, this store is a triple threat to the market with it’s exclusive offers and services.


Although this smart car model can be on the smaller side, it truly is a gem. The one key feature that really helps it stand apart from other models is its nice addition of a convertible roof, making it ideal for more urban areas. Navigating and traveling through crowded city streets is simply made a much more enjoyable experience with the FortwoCabrio. Even though this model is ideal for those living in urban and more city-based areas, those wanting to travel with this model over long-distances could also enjoy the Cabrio, convertible roof and all. The interior includes more room than it would appear with just a simple glimpse of the exterior, which helps to make it a hidden luxury. Theupholstery and fine workings of the dash and interior help to give off a more luxurious and stylish feel.

Smart Forfour

If you have a family or generally find yourself traveling with more passengers, then the Smart ForFour is the perfect smart car option for you. Obviously made clear in the title, this car consists of four seats and extra room. The sizes may be compact, but you would be surprised at how comfortable this model can prove to be for both you and your potential passengers. Its small size can make traveling through narrow paths and hard country roads much more easily and efficiently, all while still having room for extra passengers and extra belongings.

Fortwo Coupe

The Fortwo Coupe is the ideal smart car for those looking for a more sleek design, although it is a bit more costly than other smart car options. The space offered by this design is also unbeatable by other options, making it the best smart car for sale. This model is really a step up from its predecessors, mainly due to the lightweight build and newly implemented 60 KW motor with 80 horsepower.

To sum up, smart cars have evolved within the automobile industry and market to include different options to suit nearly everyone. Sandown is by far your best option for browsing through your potential options and finally choosing your preferred model. Whether you be an outgoing person with intentions to explore and travel greatly, or just someone looking for a car that is fit for browsing through the city, Sandown has you covered with their selection.

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