Best Things To Do in Philadelphia

Best Things To Do in Philadelphia

Like most major cities, Philadelphia is always bustling with different events and activities. The great thing about Philadelphia is that there are activities and events for everyone, regardless of where your interests lie. Like music? You can always catch a concert or performance. Like art? There are plenty of venues with artistic events. Into movies? The Academy of Natural Sciences has Mega Bad Movie Night and throughout the summer there are other movie festivals around the city. Whatever you’re into, Philadelphia is bound to have an activity related to any interest. Although there is a lot to do in Philadelphia, I’ve narrowed the list to activities that I’ve found to be really fun over the years.

1Mega Bad Movie Night

Mega Bad Movie Night

Held every so often by the Academy of Natural Sciences, Mega Bad Movie Night is for adults 18 and older. The point of Mega Bad Movie Night is to give adults a chance at an evening of seeing the Academy without children; whether it’s learning about the collections in a non-sanitized way that volunteers can’t tell children because some things aren’t age appropriate or a child might not understand. Mega Bad Movie Night also gives adults a chance to see the animals in the collection without children running around and screaming. The doors open at 5:30 in the evening and guests can treat themselves to snacks, water, soda, or alcohol if one has a VIP ticket and is over 21. While you’re snacking (or after you’re done snacking) you can see the animals from the collection and plays games related to the movie they are showing that night. The movies they show are B movies and three Academy volunteers provide commentary during the movie: much like the show Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

The last time I went back in May 2015, I had such a great time with the relay race and the other games. The movie was Jeff Goldblum’s remake of The Fly. The relay race was I had to put on goggles and had fly vision and I had to avoid hitting cones down. I failed on that count and failed on other tasks because those goggles were so hard to see out of. The other games included a gross version of “Would You Rather…” and other fly games. I really loved meeting the animals too.