Best Things To Do in Philadelphia


Like most major cities, Philadelphia is always bustling with different events and activities. The great thing about Philadelphia is that there are activities and events for everyone, regardless of where your interests lie. Like music? You can always catch a concert or performance. Like art? There are plenty of venues with artistic events. Into movies? The Academy of Natural Sciences has Mega Bad Movie Night and throughout the summer there are other movie festivals around the city. Whatever you’re into, Philadelphia is bound to have an activity related to any interest. Although there is a lot to do in Philadelphia, I’ve narrowed the list to activities that I’ve found to be really fun over the years.

2Symphonies Shown in the Kimmel Center

Symphonies Shown in the Kimmel Center

I went to my first symphony with my friend back in October. She is a season ticket holder and she took me to see Korsakov-Rimsky’s Scheherazade. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never been in the Kimmel Center before. However, when I walked in, I walked into a gorgeous building. The Kimmel Center is a big venue, but I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Our seats were easy to find, but the staff was helpful too. I’ve never met such friendly staff in my life! My friend lost her ticket and when we went to the box office, I was glad some kind soul turned the ticket in. It was a safe, friendly place.

When we made it to our seats, I was impressed with the set up. I was blown away by the precision and love that went into the performances. I can honestly say the music brought me to tears. The sound and the lighting are just amazing. We sat behind the orchestra so we could see the conductor and the view was magnificent. However, I don’t think there is a bad view in the Kimmel Center. I would recommend seeing a symphony at least once and the Kimmel Center is the best place for that. If symphonies aren’t your thing, the Kimmel Center has other performances like ballet and opera.