Best ways to get over a Breakup

Best ways to get over a Breakup

Ending a relationship is incredibly difficult no matter the reasons. The end of a relationship spells the end of a period in your life, so you are mourning not only the loss of your companionship but also of the end of a path you were on and a part of your life. Being able to move beyond this pain and embrace the new path you are on is difficult but can be done. Below, we offer some advice on methods to help you get over your break up.

5Give yourself space

Even if you and your ex are going to remain friends, or have to continue to live in the same home for a period of time, you have to put space between you. Your wounds are still fresh and it’s important to establish new boundaries. Do your very best not to see each other. Do not call, or text or Facebook message each other. Staying in contact will only stretch out the end of the relationship and not give you time to heal. You may have to be in touch for practical issues, but keep them brief and professional. Separation, both emotionally and physically, is key at this point to helping you heal.