Best Windows Server Backup Review

Backing up your windows server it’s very important method to keep your small business data protected and up to date, you will find it very useful when something tragic will happen to your system like hardware failure, a hacker, fire or a corrupted Windows

In this list we will review the best Windows server backup  based on easy to use, file level, image/disaster recovery, local and online , lighter memory requirements, Faster operation and fast file restore.

We found these 5 server backup solutions are among other competitors, Prices vary, and these solutions have different way to protect your date and it will be depended upon how you want to back up your data and what kind of data you have, We hope these will help you make right decisions and to find the antivirus best suited for you, Save yourself some time and check this list out.

1. NovaBACKUP Server v16.5
Save 20%

NovaBACKUP 16.5 Server

Price: $299.95
NovaBACKUP Server v16.5 is a top performer Windows Server backup, it is easy to install and easy to use on Windows Server 2015, In this new version NovaStor has improved the backup speed and support for multiple/flexible local and online storage destinations so you can backup to an external drive location and you will get 2GB FREE online storage, also this backup server support Incremental backup and it supports the file version to choose which file you want to keep or move which we find it a very good way to save space.
SQL and/or Exchange Plug-In are available for extra fees

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2. Genie Backup Manager Server 9.0
Save 20%

Genie-Backup-Manager-Server Review

Price: $250
Genie Backup Manager Server offers a large choice of file backup, recovery and restoring features with an easy-to-use interface. and its support to back up to secure and reliable cloud storage Amazon S3, also Full, Incremental and differential backup is available and its backup open files
Also its supports Microsoft Exchange and multiple SQL database 2000-2012
Genie Backup Server Stand Alone cost $250
Genie Backup Server with Exchange/ SQL bckup cost $500

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3. Genie Timeline Server 2015
Save 20%

Genie-Timeline_Server Review

Price: $250
Genie Timeline Server continuous data protection (CDP) to backup your server files, Genie Timeline our best choice for automatic and incremental backup and with simple and easy install and configuration steps, moreover with Genie timeline each backup is a fully recoverable, point- in-time “recovery point”. When you need to recover, you point and click on the recovery point you need to recover and that’s it. Genie Timeline offers a smart phone and tablet apps to monitor your backup any time and anywhere .
Genie Timeline Server Cost $250

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4. Acronis Backup Advanced for Windows Server
Save 15%


Price: $399
Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Server is full server backup and disk image backup solutions for your small business, Acronis server software can back up to nearly all media and portable storage include acronis cloud backup , also its supports nearly all platform such as Physical or VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V, Acronis use Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service which used to produce a point-in-time snapshot of disk volumes, delivering protection for locked and open files and an AES encryption to secure your file
Microsoft Exchange supported with Acronis Server Backup / SQL Plug-In is available for extra fees
Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Server cost $399.95

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5. Symantec Backup Exec
Save 15%


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Price: $1,162.66
Symantec Backup Exec is full and powerful backup software for Windows server, and its a well-known product to backup your network and (client/workstation) and integrated product that protects virtual and physical environments, with simple easy to use backup and disaster recovery. Powered by Symantec V-Ray technology, Also it offers a solution to backup Exchange, SQL Server or SQL Express, With Backup Exec 2015 you can restore entire servers, critical Microsoft applications, and VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments to dramatically minimize business downtime.
Symantec Backup Exec cost $1,162.66 per server

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