Genie Timeline Server 2015 Review

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Genie-Timeline_Server Review

Genie Timeline Server Continuous data protection (CDP) to backup your server files, Genie Timeline our best choice for automatic and incremental backup and with simple and easy install and configuration steps, moreover with Genie timeline each backup is a fully recoverable, point- in-time “recovery point”. When you need to recover, you point and click on the recovery point you need to recover and that’s it. Genie Timeline offers a smart phone and tablet apps to monitor your backup any time and anywhere .


  • Support Exchange and SQL .
  • Real Time Server Backup
  • No Image Backup
Bottom Line

Genie Timeline Server is an real time backup for your server with easy to use and excellent backup features

Genie Timeline Server Review

Genie Timeline Server ScreenshotOne of the strongest feature in Genie Timeline Server, it’s automatic, this mean no intervention required, just install and choose what files you want to backup and genie timeline will start to backup your files to any selected destination this include Backs up external, network or any storage attached to your Server .. Automatically (Set it and forget it) and most important is the automatic resume after pauses or disconnections like electricity shut down or black out.

With Genie Timeline you can backup your entire system with the Disaster Recovery Features, and Genie Timeline provides a unique such as Protection Status which calculates the protection level of files selected for backup to notify users on the health of their backups. If all files are successfully backed up, the protection level is at 100%, also I was impressed with the iPhone/iPad free app which allow me to monitor my backup health on the go.

With Genie Timeline you can restore your system to any recovery point also Genie Timeline uses the machine level deduplication which will help you to save space and this will allow to keep your server resources at minimum.

Another important feature in Genie Timeline its offer a free iPhone/iPad apps so you can monitor your backup health anywhere add to that you can backup all of the synced files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod through iTunes to your computer.

Not convinced, see more of our top rated windows server backup software Genie Backup Manger, NovaBackup Server


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Genie Timeline is powerful and highly performance real-time and continuous data backup for your server and that go beyond simple interface and automatic data backup protection, I certainly recommended to use and its efficient, and affordable comparing with other solutions.Genie Timeline Server 2015 Review