Genie Backup Manager Server Review

Genie-Backup-Manager-Server Review

Genie Backup Manager Server offers a large choice of file backup, recovery and restoring features with an easy-to-use interface. and its support to back up to secure and reliable cloud storage Amazon S3, also Full, Incremental and differential backup is available and its backup open files . also this software provide Multi-drive spanning with File Filtering and it can Backup external drive, network or any storage attached to your PC with complete system recovery to restore not just your files but any application or the entire system for complete recovery.

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  • Support Exchange and SQL .
  • Full backup and disaster recovery
  • No Image Backup
Bottom Line

Genie Backup offers great backup solutions Offline and Cloud storage with Ease to use and one click restore

Genie Server backup Review

The Genie Server backup software provides nearly all the backup features you will look for to protect your windows server. Genie Server provides file to file backup and full system recovery with four types of backup include full, incremental mirror and differential backup, including open file backup with the ability to backup locked files. also this software includes 10 compression levels ., which is still a good way to to save space and now you can set how much space backups can take on each drive..

With Genie Server you can schedule regular backups using Basic Scheduler that will help ensure your data is safe and secure continual. Using this Windows server backup software, you can schedule backups hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. You can also customize the backup to better fit you and your needs. By scheduling a backup, you don’t have to worry about remembering to protect your data. The software will automatically backup all your data for you. or Postpone scheduled backups with the snooze option. Also you can even assign the application to back up your data each time you perform certain functions, such as powering the computer on or logging in . add to that you can use the power saving mode to shutdown, hibernate, logoff Ord let your computer sleep after the backup completes. this software can send out email reports and event logs and can notify you if a backup was successful or failed.

Another important feature in Genie Server is the recovery and restoring options available. you can use the Restore Wizard or the swift restore which is will Create an exe file to restore your backup on any machine without installing the software.. another way you can use is the remote restore and the ability to restore to a specific point. This software also supports a pre-operating system recovery environment.

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Genie Server is powerful and highly performance windows server backup and easy-to-use interface and step-by-step wizard to start your backup, recover and restore, and we found it an excellent choice to backup and protect your data

if you’re not sure Genie Backup Manager Server is what you’re after, Check our other top rated product Genie timline server and NovaBackup 

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