NovaBACKUP Server v16.5 Review


NovaBACKUP 16.5 Server

NovaBACKUP Server v17 is a top performer Windows Server backup, it is easy to install and easy to use on Windows Server 2015, In this new version NovaStor has improved the backup speed and support for multiple/flexible local and online storage destinations so you can backup to an external drive location and you will get 2GB FREE online storage, also this backup server support Incremental backup and it supports the file version to choose which file you want to keep or move which we find it a very good way to save space.



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  • Support Exchange and SQL .
  • Full, incremental, imaging and disaster recovery Backup
  • The GUI Needs some more enhancement
Bottom Line

With NovaBackup Server you will never worry about data loss, fast backup and restore with many advanced features , NovaBackup is our best server backup software for this year

NovaBACKUP Server v16.5 Review

NovaBACKUP Server v16.5 is relatively straightforward, easy to install and pretty robust. The main interface is simple enough to use.

NovaBACKUP Server v16.5 is capable of detecting any external drives, USB media, CD/DVD, tape drives, NAS, etc. for quick restore access and mirror image disaster recovery. Using innovative behavioral you can decide how long you keep your backups and how many versions of a backup you need to maintain with file version control feature With Time Slider technology restore earlier versions of specific files.. NovaBackup is able to do the job it’s supposed to do with three backup type Full, Incremental, Differential modes. and File level and bare metal imaging file backup, with open file support, this will give you flexibility in how you want to backup your files

Another important feature in NovaBACKUP Server v16.5 it Recovery with Microsoft’s original Win PE which is is the most reliable and successful system recovery, and with Universal Restore will help to make full disaster recover and you will be able to restore to any system, even dissimilar hardware


NovaBACKUP Server v16.5 is offering excellent backup and disaster recovery, with fast backup and for local or online and high end performance to protect your server , we found this application is worth every penny.
The Genie Timeline new version impressed us with the iPhone/iPad free app which allow me to monitor my backup health on the go. and Genie timeline allows you to verify the backup by sending email notifications of your backup status to your Inbox.

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Not convinced with NovaBackup, Check out Genie Backup Manager and Acronis Advanced Server

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