(Video) Chris Hemsworth holds his breath underwater for 200 minutes

Chris Hemsworth holds his breath underwater for 200 minutes

Chris Hemsworth is an undeniable superhero on the big screen, yet he has proven to be a real-life hero as well. The Australian actor astonished followers by attempting to hold his breath underwater for 200 minutes! However, his young children provided some entertaining diversions during this feat of strength – they swam around him in circles until daddy lost concentration and had to surface for air.

Chris Hemsworth documents the moment of defiance

Chris Hemsworth posted a video on Instagram showing his breath-holding skills underwater, fans can’t stop gushing over it, The Thor: Love and Thunder actor, 39, set a new record when he successfully completed a 200-minute record of holding his breath underwater Water, during his participation in the Moves That Matter challenge program.

In the video, Chris was seen holding his breath underwater while one of his children swam around him in a pool. He captioned it with an inspiring message: “Don’t let distractions stand between you and your dreams… even if they try to make their way to the front.”

While fans took to the comments section and congratulated the actor on the achievement, fellow actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson paid tribute to the movie star, with the Red Notice actor writing a hilarious comment: “This doesn’t look so etched underwater… He looks like a great brother.”

Chris Hemsworth breaks Kate Winslet’s underwater record

Fans hailed Chris for setting a new record, attempting to beat Kate Winslet ‘s new record of staying underwater for more than 7 minutes. As a guest on The Graham Norton Show, Kate shared a video of her training with a trainer while holding her breath underwater for 7 minutes 15 Again, during the filming of Avatar: The Way Of Water.

Winslet, who plays Na’vi Ronal in the Avatar sequel, said she’s just finished trying to break the record for the longest period of time by a person holding their breath, beating out Tom Cruise‘s previous longest holding time, after holding it for six. Minutes while filming Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation in 2015.

Kate Winslet also broke her own record, which was already six minutes and 14 seconds while filming Titanic.