Are you going to a college camp? Wow! That’s really going to be fun. So, all the preparations would be started if you are camping soon. What you should carry along and which things are still needed to buy, create a checklist.

It is generally found that most of the first-time campers go with wrong equipment, which led to the suffering of their experience. So, before you commit such mistake, do your homework. The first important thing to keep in mind for a camping is your budget. Yes, you need to set it. On the basis of it is you can buy the equipment that you need for your college camping.

Before you went for the shopping, don’t forget to browse. You can find the best stuff like tent, mattresses, cooking stoves and more just by sitting on a sofa. Don’t stress yourself too much. Save your time first so that you can think clearly of what you actually need.

Therefore, in order to make you feel excited about the college camping rather than in a hassle, here are five significant things you really need to buy and pack first-

  • Tent: Of course, this is a must. Your stay relies on it. While purchasing it, look for the quality more than cost quantity. Tents are generally expensive, but once you buy, it will be helpful in many more trips. Look for the size and stiffness. Not much stiff, but your tent should feature a long stay during a windy cloudburst.
  • Mattress: Without any doubt, one needs to choose a comfortable air mattress for camping. Yes, air mattress for your outdoors. Feel like a home on a mattress and have a good sleep. Look for the lighter weight that it would be easy for you to carry. Again, look for the quality. Even, if you already have mattress, ensure whether it is in a good condition or not.
  • Portable Toilets: Instead of rushing towards the space where you can flush out, carry a portable toilet. Maybe you won’t get such facility in your camping, so be prepared. Well, you should always carry yours only in order to prevent yourself from infections. After all, health is important.
  • Camp Stoves: You never know where your stay would be. It may be in a place where you don’t have any availability of the food. What will you do? Will you order online? Forget it! Carry your own cooking stoves, utensils and vegetables. Cook food wherever you feel hungry.
  • Packing Bags: Whenever you are on a trip with your friends, few things generally go on a share. But, one needs to go individually, when it comes to a packing bag. You must have it on your own. From your belongings to your essential needs, everything is covered in one shoulder packing bag. So, spend wisely on it.

There are lot many other things you should carry. Some of them are- blankets, firewood, sleepwear, camera, and many more, but these all have alternatives, so you don’t need to bang your head much on it. At first, go through five things mentioned above in detail. There are many online sites where you can easily get camping stuff within your budget.

Compatibility should be there while buying a mattress. Make sure it is of your size, providing you soft and comfortable rest.