People often seem to confuse between a healthy life style and a strictly health conscious life. These two things sound to be the same but are different when dogged deep in to the topic. We often mistake by spotting a person who is heavy or fat and think that the person is not healthy. It is true that a heavy person can be prone to some disease or the tendency to acquire a disease in the future but then not all fat people are unhealthy.

There is a thin line between being fat and being obsess. Obesity leads to physic al and mental health deuteriation with time, but a fat person can be fit as well. Health is not a luxury, it is a basic need and a common goal for each and every human being. According to studies diseases are something that is spreading across the world and every 9 out of 10 people is suffering from some or the other disease be it hormonal, genetical or newly acquired.

People often read articles and search for videos about living a healthy life style or getting a diet plan to lose weight and deal with diseases that can be cured via proper food and medication. Health clubs and gyms across the globe promise fitness within a short period with heavy workouts and crash diet plans. All these things do work but then the effect is not permanent. There is no use dieting for 3 months to stay healthy for the same time span and then end up messing the entire health. One must try to follow a plan than can last long and provides permanent result.

One must try to adopt to a situation where one can twist and turn the plan without affecting the body. It is the body we live in. it should be out priority and we must first commit that we won’t let anything damage this body of ours by any means. A healthy life style is not a difficult thing to achieve. Some everyday basic mathematics can help one in staying fit.


  • one must make sure to add some exercise or yoga. If not on a daily routine but surely 4 days a week. It helps in grooming muscles and bones and yoga helps in stretching and brings mental satisfaction and good blood flow through out the body. Walking is important for the heart to keep beating as it should. Hence, even if you cannot exercise you must make sure to go for a walk. Choose a right treadmill and Stepping upon a treadmill in the gym can fulfil the desire of achieving a good health. Again, the manual treadmills provide permanent cure when compared to the automatic one.
  • Add water to your day. Water is a god gifted blessing to the living things. It contains the minerals to cure, heal, repair, maintain, detox and keep a person fit. Drink adequate amount of water throughout the day. It makes the skin glow and detox the body from bad fat.
  • Get a good sleep. Switch off or keep the phone in silent mode. Keep aside each and everything that come in between you and your sleep. Let all your worries wait for the next morning. Sleep like you have not slept for days. A good sleep heals the brain power, relaxes muscles, refreshes the mind and makes the body and soul ready for the next day. Get the most comfortable pillow and get in to the dream world leaving everything behind. Make your body clock adjust with the sleeping time so that it gets habituated to the time of hitting the bed and getting up without having to struggle for any.
  • Eat healthy. Junk food attracts people no doubt. But make sure to adjust other meals if one meal gets heavy and junky.


  • Get rid of bad habits such as nicotine, caffeine, alcohol etc. these things only act as a barrier between you and a healthy life style.

One must prioritize what is important and then act accordingly. Just like we manage to work on different things in our day according to what is most important to least important. Get a good sleep, drink water and walk on a treadmill in order to achieve a long term healthy life.

Hi, I am Ayushi, a full time blogger and a content writer. I love to write and read and blog all around. I like to guest post on various blogs on different niche and various topics. Official Email id:
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