We have all seen and even been that beginner exercising enthusiast who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Going with the flow, we call it. But have we ever realized that sometimes, going with the flow isn’t healthy at all? In every aspect? Especially when we are doing exercises daily with a nutritious diet? With little to no knowledge of what exactly we need? 

At times, we don’t know what we are doing. We hear a few suggestions or bits of advice from friends and family, and we think we are good to go. Enthusiastically we put on our workout clothes, throw a towel on our shoulders, fill a bottle with detox water and start prancing around. We don’t pay much heed to proper positions and reps, which may harm than benefit.

People exercise to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or tone and get in shape. For that, the right exercise guide will give you the right results. Having a practical, workout routine guide is essential. If you are doing it at home, do in-depth, thorough research before laying your mat and heaving. On the other hand, if you are hitting the gym, it is better to consult an expert trainer before starting.

Whether you are a newbie or an oldie, workouts are meant to be followed precisely. Besides vigorous exercises, there are tons of workout machines available as well. Instead of doing several different exercises, you can use a workout machine that hits several places together! A ski conditioning workout machine doesn’t only hit the right regions but also makes you feel like you’re in the mountains skiing! It’s a two in one workout machine. You exercise as well as enjoy the feeling of skiing! If you can’t do separate exercises, then try out exercise machines. 

Now let’s start creating a comprehensive guide to a suitable workout routine. Keep in mind. This workout routine is for everyone. However, consult a professional if you feel continuous discomfort after your workout.

Guide to a Workout Routine

Being a newbie or an oldie getting back to workout is a challenging task. You will have to keep in mind your age, goals, fitness level, and any physical margins you should draw. 

Here we are providing you a complete four-week workout routine that anyone can follow. It may be challenging initially. Before we begin the training, please remember that taking a proper diet is significant as it will affect your dynamism.

Week One: Ease into the Workout 

Start your workout with a simple 5 to 10 minutes warm-up. It can be simple cardio like briskly walking around or marching in place to get oxygen to run in your blood. Next, you start your workout, doing a full-body split hitting all the major regions. Three days of the full body split, focusing on one central part in each session and taking a break of two days. Perform three sets of each workout exercise, hitting your target areas well. Resting between the workout days is crucial as it helps your body to recover.

Week Two: Slowly Delve in the Workout

After a week, your body will slowly start getting used to it and be less sore. Gradually increase your routine by changing the three days into four and working on a two-day body split. This week you will work on separate areas on two different days. In the first two days, you will work on the upper side, and the next, you will focus on the lower region. Carry out the exercises of the first week but slowly add others too. Include some chest exercises here and increase your reps.

Week Three: Work it out

Start splitting your workout into three days by focusing on pushing parts, pulling, and lower body in three different days. Your workout routine will now change into the training of six days. Increase your reps this week and add new exercises on every body part. It will bring a complete and even development of muscles in your body. Sixteen sets for each large muscle group and 12 for small muscle groups will increase your muscle mass.

Week Four: Increase Bulk 

In your last week, turn your body splitting into four parts and four days. In this, each target area is targeted only once, which means fewer parts and more exercise. Experienced lifters commonly do this as it focuses more on muscles making them bulkier. This week you will focus only on your major muscle groups and increase the intensity of your workout. No new exercises will be added. It means you can increase your reps even more now.

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Working out is a great way to stay in shape if not for losing weight. It keeps your body in control and makes you feel fresh and content. Nevertheless, it is necessary to follow a proper workout routine to know what you are doing. Having adequate knowledge of the workout routine will be beneficial as you will be saved from accidental injury. Research and consult experts to help you in doing the right exercises to target the problematic areas. Remember to take a proper diet as it will significantly affect your dynamism as well as your workout. Good luck in achieving your goal! 


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