If you own restaurant business then Restaurant Marketing is not an optional thing because now its need of present world. According to our survey we wrote down below 8 communication tips to attract audience with digital marketing.

1. Create a responsive website suitable for all screens

A website is the best way to present your restaurant, make users want to go there and encourage them to book or order online. Since late 2016, searches on mobile have exceeded those on computer, it is necessary that the design of the website adapts to the screen on which it is consulted. In addition, 70% of people who own a smartphone will look at the menu on their phone screen.

2. Optimize your Google My Business page to be better referenced

Too many restaurateurs neglect it, for lack of time especially, sometimes of interest. Still, it’s very helpful to have an optimized Google My Business listing. It must be complete, kept up to date with schedules, exceptional closures and special events, share many photos and regular posts.

3. Reply to ALL customer’s comments

Whether they speak on Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Yelp or any other platform, whether positive or negative, we advise you to answer absolutely all customer reviews . This will not only help to retain authors, collect feedback to improve its service but also improve its SEO. Most of the ranking algorithms for restaurant platforms reduce the weighting of bad grades when the restaurant operator has taken the trouble to answer them.

4. Publish qualitative photos

The old adage ” we eat first with the eyes ” is more relevant than ever. Sharing photos of his dishes, the room and his teams on the website and on social networks makes it possible to create the link with his customers and to envy others.

5. Refer to its establishment in all relevant directories

Registering your restaurant in as many directories, platforms, blogs or guides is useful in two respects. First, it multiplies the booking channels and attracts more customers. Then it sends inbound links to the website of the institution. The more a site receives links from other sites that Google trusts (e.g. TripAdvisor or The Michelin Guide), the more its SEO improves and the site is more prominent in the search results.

6. Create and feed a Facebook page by sharing restaurant news

Facebook is effective to maintain daily the link with its customers, to share the news of the establishment, the menu of the day, a new card etc. It’s also a good idea to share behind-the-scenes photos or videos of the establishment, to show off the scenes: from the purchase of fresh produce to the best chairs – this type of authentic content reinforces the loyalty of its customers.

7. Create an Instagram account and share its prettiest photos

Instagram is one of the most effective social networks when it comes to e food.

8. Collaborate with Food influencers and bloggers

Collaborating with influencers on social networks and bloggers Food helps to increase its notoriety effectively. On the one hand, influencers who have gathered an audience of several thousand or even tens of thousands of subscribers can share with them their experience in the restaurant, in image or video.

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