Loft conversion is often cited as one of the best ways to add value to your home. Based on the architectural design of your property there are several ways to redesign your loft. By doing so you will be increasing the square foot of your house plus it will look good if you put your property up for sale. But does loft conversion add value to your home?

Read on to know about the potential gains from loft conversions Essex and how you can do it.

Loft conversion the easy way

There is more than one way to successfully implement loft conversion in your home. The loft conversion ideas that you can utilize depend on the architectural design of the roof. The pitch and shape of the roof decide how much can you convert the loft. The new structure created will need the support of the load-bearing walls, which is why it is important to get professional assessment of the loft.

Depending on whether you have a roof with a gable end wall, intersecting pitched roof, hipped roof, or trussed rafter roof there will be need of construction of pillars to support the new structure. Keep in mind that not all lofts can be converted into habitual spaces, but they definitely can be used as extra storage space. Once you will consult a professional who has experience in loft conversions Essex, he or she will recommend if your loft can be a serious contender for conversion. Once you get the green light you can start implementing your loft conversion ideas. There are specialist loft conversion companies in Essex that take care of the process from start to finish.

We recommend hiring professionals because loft conversion is not like garage conversion that takes place a step away from your home. A loft conversion is right in the heart of your home and you will need builders you can trust.

Is loft conversion too much hassle?

One of the best things about loft conversions is that you do not need to get planning permission for any construction. It falls under the Permitted Development Rights. So, it is not much of a legal hassle to convert your loft into a useful space. However, if according to the architectural design there is going to be too much external construction then you will need permission from authorities.

How can I use it?

With a loft conversion, you can not only add more space to your home but also increase its value. Internet is full of loft conversion ideas. You can convert it into a flexible living space for the teenagers or if you have storage space crunch, lofts make excellent storage facilities. Give good thinking as to what areas your home is currently lacking. Get an architectural design prepared to cleverly use the ceilings and implement nifty storage solutions.

But there are some downsides that you should consider as well. If there is no stairway to access the brand new top floor, then you need to get them constructed. There are certain regulations to comply with here such as minimum two meters clearance below as well as above the stairs. Plumbing is another major challenge one has to face during loft conversions. Loft insulation also requires a lot of thinking as it has to be energy saving as well as compliant with safety standards.

Still, all these hassles are worth the value of a successful loft conversion added to your home.

How much value does loft conversion add to my home?

Most surveys recommend loft conversions Essex as the best way to add value to your homes. Therefore, you definitely can add a lot of value to your home with a simple loft conversion. According to the latest study by the Nationwide Building Society, homeowners can add up to 20% more value to their homes via loft conversions.This means if you consider a house of value £300,000, with successful loft conversion its value can be increased by £60,000. There you have it, if you are willing to bear the cost and hassle of loft conversion; you will be rewarded with much better returns on the home sale.

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