It is officially the winter season with chilly winds, change in leafs, shorter daytime, and shopping for warm clothes. You might also have started planning for Christmas and your vacation. Just like your warm clothes provide you safety from harsh cold and offer warmth, your house becomes a sweater for pests.

Think about it, unlimited food supply, water supply, and safety from chilly winds, your house offers everything the pests need during the winters. While there are harmful pests like rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, etc., insects like spiders, earwigs, and more are completely harmless. They just appear intimidating.

Dealing with pests in your personal space is never fun, however, there are a few things you can perform to stay away from calling local pest control company,which we have listed below.

1. Use Airtight Storage Containers

Rodents and bugs love dark and sheltered areas and if they get inside your storage containers, they will turn it into their nests. By using airtight containers, you eliminate the possibility of building nests for these critters. It also saves you from a terrifying surprise next time you open them.

Many plastic containers have ventilation holes at the bottom. Always check for such holes before buying. Additionally, replace boxes with loose lids and avoid keeping things in cardboard boxes.

2. Beware of Sugar

Sugar is addictive, not only for humans but also for bugs and rodents that cannot get enough of sugar and tend to go out of to savor it when available. We are not suggesting you completely remove sugar from your house but store it safely in sealed containers on high shelves.

3. Declutter Your Living Space

Piles of old books and newspapers, firewood, old cardboard boxes, and similar clutter near or in your home are a direct invitation for rodents and bugs. These creatures feel safe around such clutter and end up creating nests.

4. Seal Entry Points

Some of the most common places used by pests to enter your house through your door and an open window. However, smaller pests can enter your personal space through tiny cracks and crevices in concrete, plaster imperfections, and space between your roof and outer walls can go a long way when it comes to blocking their access into your home.

5. Eliminate Moisture

Pests need water. Most of them love damp and dark places, such as beneath the kitchen sink, ventilation system, and near leaking pipes. Stagnant water is also a powerful magnet for them. Not only they will stay in such areas but also breed and multiply in number. Get leaking and sweating pipes fixed and avoid keeping water collected in your sink.

6. Get Pest Control Done Regularly

Another way to discourage pests from entering your house is getting pest control done. Not only the existing pests will eliminate but also the chemicals will repel new insects to come in. Professional pest control services search your home thoroughly for any pest nests and remove them. Then, they cover even those areas that can be left unattended by you.