Deprived of her inheritance.. Elvis Presley’s widow contests late daughter’s will

Priscilla during a memorial service for her daughter, Lisa Marie

In 2010, Lisa Marie appointed her mother Priscilla among the trustees of her property during her life and after her death .. But it seems that Elvis Presley’s daughter withdrew this privilege from her mother in 2016 to appoint her sons Riley and Benjamin Keough as heirs to her property after her death.

Priscilla Presley, Elvis Presley’s widow, filed an appeal against the will of her daughter Lisa Marie, who died in mid- January and did not mention her mother’s name among the heirs of her property, according to court documents.

Lisa Marie Presley died at the age of 54 as a result of a heart attack on January 12 in Los Angeles.

In 2010, the singer appointed her mother, Priscilla, among the trustees of her property during her life and after her death, according to court documents.

But it seems that Lisa withdrew this privilege from her mother in 2016, to appoint her sons Riley and Benjamin Keough as heirs to her estate after her death.

According to the court records obtained by AFP, Priscilla’s lawyer filed a complaint last week that revealed her discovery of alterations made after her daughter’s passing.

Priscilla adamantly requests to invalidate the new will, as it was never brought to her attention during Lisa Marie’s lifetime. Her lawyer even noticed that the autograph on file was not consistent with her daughter’s usual signature.

A potential legal battle over this legacy is challenging, especially given that Lisa Marie is Elvis’ only daughter.

Graceland circuit

She previously controlled Elvis Presley Enterprises, but sold the bulk of her shares to an investment company in 2005. In particular, she retained control of her father’s Graceland estate in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was found unconscious prior to his death in August 1977. This location has become impossible. A major attraction for fans of the rock and roll legend.

Her son, Benjamin Keough, who was a potential heir to her, committed suicide in 2020.

As for her eldest daughter, Riley Keough, the 33-year-old is an actress who notably appeared in the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” and most recently in the independent movie “Zola”.

Lisa Marie’s twin daughters, Harper and Finley, are anticipated to one day inherit Graceland alongside Riley – this detail was shared with People magazine by a spokesperson for the site.

On Tuesday, NBC News reported an anonymous email from Lisa Marie’s community that Elvis’ widow had “no relationship” with her daughter in the lead-up to her death.