Video.. An embarrassing situation for Taylor Swift in front of thousands of fans in Chicago

She swallowed an insect while she was speaking

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift /Shutterstock images

American singer Taylor Swift was exposed to an embarrassing situation in front of more than 63,000 spectators, during her concert at the Soldier Field Theater in Chicago, USA, as part of the “Eras Tour”.

Taylor Swift swallows an insect while speaking to the audience at her Chicago concert

While speaking to the audience, Taylor Swift shocked her fans after she accidentally swallowed an insect, so the American singer turned her back as she tried to cough it up again before realizing she had swallowed it.

And then Swift directed her words to the audience, saying, according to Delish : “I swallowed a bug, I’m so sorry, it’s just a delicious and stupid bug, oh my God, it’s okay, everything is fine.”

Before laughing at the embarrassing incident, Swift told the crowd, “It’s going to happen again tonight. There are a lot of bugs, there are a thousand of them. I mean, they’re a good source of protein.”

Naturally, fans didn’t let the moment pass by, with one user writing on Twitter: “”I wish I was the bug that Taylor Swift swallowed.”

Another said: “Taylor Swift swallowed a bug, so I will do the same so that the Queen is not ashamed.”

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