Congratulations on that ring on your finger! An engagement ring is always beautiful to have as it comes from someone you love. It’s a timeless piece of jewelry that offers versatility in day-to-day styling.

And a diamond ring shines in itself. The bigger the stone, the more eye-catching it gets, given its cut, clarity, and color. This is evident in a two-carat diamond ring, whose size and brilliance make it a charmer on a fair person’s hand. You can always count on diamonds for an instant touch of elegance and luxury.

However, it does get tiring to wear the engagement ring as tradition dictates. So on days when you want to flaunt your flair, consider the following ways to rock that sparkling thing.

1. Wear It on Your Favorite Ring Finger

The engagement ring finger is the fourth finger of a hand, but there’s no convention on whether it is the right or left. Different cultures have their preferences for wearing the precious engagement symbol, whose position can change with the coming of the wedding band.

Here are some examples:

  • In the US, the engagement ring goes to the fourth finger of the left hand. The idea came from the ancient Romans, who believe in the vein of love.
  • In Russia, people choose to wear the ring on the fourth finger of their right hand.
  • In Chile, would-be brides and grooms put them on their right ring finger. They then move the rings to the left hand once married.
  • In Sweden, each of the couple will get rings during engagement. Only the bride gets a wedding ring, according to

Whether you go by culture and religion or personal choice, you have a free hand on the subject.

2. Make It Shine on Your Middle Finger

The term middle finger has a not-so-good connotation, and wearing your ring on your middle finger can be a sign of rebelling against tradition. Or it does not mean anything other than playing with many rings. You can wear the engagement ring alongside your birthstone ring, signet ring, pinky ring, and cocktail ring.

One advantage of using the middle finger is that it is the center and the sturdiest among the five digits. If you believe in astrology, the move can strengthen your love and relationship. On the flip side, it can be challenging to type with the weight of the engagement ring bearing on you. 

3. Stack It with Your Wedding Band

Like the engagement ring, the wedding band has its set of rules that can also be confusing. Nevertheless, you can stack the engagement and wedding rings on one finger. The combination of the stacked rings provides a bright contrast: you have the ornate diamond ring and the more modest wedding band.

It may only be in recent years that the trend of stacking engagement and wedding rings has caught on. But as early as the ’50s Audrey Hepburn wore a trio of rings in yellow, white, and rose gold. Hers was a stackable eternity band that is available nowadays in rows of diamonds and colored gemstones.

4. Wear It around Your Neck

A promise ring is the first thing that comes to mind when wearing rings as pendants. The promise ring is like a precedent to engagement as it symbolizes commitment and fidelity. However, it is not required to give a promise ring before an engagement, nor does a promise or pledge lead to a proposal.

Aside from aesthetics, wearing the diamond ring around your neck can be a matter of practicality (e.g., engaging in machine work and water activities). Just make sure you use a sturdy metal chain to hold the piece in place. Some go for custom holders that can be ornately designed to secure the ring so that it won’t fall off.

5. Charm Your Bracelet with It

You’ve probably heard of charm bracelets with their cute and colorful knickknacks. It may seem too risky to dangle your two-carat engagement ring that way, but a miniature version of it will do the trick.

There are engagement ring charms that are fashion or fine jewelry. You can also have a custom-designed bracelet such as a link diamond chain with a replica of your engagement ring as the centerpiece. On a side note, some prefer to give tennis bracelets during betrothal.

Ring True to Your Style

Your classic solitaire or halo-style engagement ring will look fancy in everything you wear. To maintain its beauty and sparkle, clean the ring regularly, also checking for signs of chip and damage. Some activities, like swimming, require you to take off the ornament. Otherwise, keep it on to reduce the likelihood of losing it.