As technology continues to make great advances, it seems like more activities are transitioning into the online realm. From virtual classrooms, online investments to buying groceries, technology is connecting us more than ever. Even applying for a job and the hiring process can be completed online. For hiring managers, this normally means using background check websites; online platforms that provide real-time reports of potential job candidates. If you’re looking for the top-performing background check sites in 2020, look no further than these five websites.

Top Performing:

When you need a website that’s going to work as hard as you do, this platform is exactly what you’re looking for. enables users to check individual reports quickly, sending them a PDF file when the information has been compiled.

It offers a complete overview of everything you need to make an educated decision. From social media accounts and activity, employment history or dbs check, criminal records, and financial overview, you’ll never be left to assume the details. The information is tracked in real-time and includes possible cities of residence and potential family members in the submission.


Provided you have the complete name of the individual in question, Truthfinder is a reliable and up-to-date platform for those people needing a background check. Not only do these reports include the typical information like credit reports, criminal records, and employment history, you’ll also receive property ownership information and any sex offenders near the current address.

The platform is limited to only a name search functionality, meaning email, address, or other search functionality is not available. It does offer a reverse phone number search if you’re trying to identify an unknown caller, which is per monthly subscription.

Instant Checkmate

Although the website does require users to have a membership, Instant Checkmate is an easy to use platform for anyone wanting to run their background check. You’ll receive all information relating to criminal, financial, employment, and personal information in a separate report (after you’ve ordered). They are more expensive than other background check websites, which can be a deterrent for the budget-savvy individual. They offer two different packages, the background check or a reverse phone number check.


This platform is well suited for individual background reports that don’t need extensive detailing. The website doesn’t include social media accounts, so if you’re looking to pull a complete profile – this platform probably isn’t going to work for your needs. They do have different package pricing, with the standard report, reverse phone lookup, and premium report pricing.

Although PeopleFinders does offer a paid trial, there have been many users reporting issues with extra fees when they try to cancel. Although canceling can be completed through the dashboard, it’s an important consideration for anyone looking to use a platform for a discounted rate.

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Other Considerations:

Before purchasing your background check, it’s important to read any terms of use when it comes to legal uses of information. Not every platform allows all uses of the checks, so be sure to review the legal information before purchasing. If you are pulling a report for employment purposes, it’s important to remember that all employment checks must have prior written consent before performing the background check.

It is always a wise idea to periodically pull your background check, particularly if you’re looking for employment. With most employers currently requiring verification of education, employment, and personal history, knowing what is on your file can help you determine to completeness and accurateness of the content.

If you are in the dating field, it’s always a wise idea to do a quick check to ensure the person you’re meeting doesn’t have a concerning past or criminal record. When you’re meeting someone for the first time, pull the individual’s report from an online platform and give it a quick read through. Financial issues (aside from fraud or pending litigation) should be of little influence in your decision. Pay attention to the criminal record, national sex offender registry, and any identification changes associated with the report. If there are records found within these areas, you may want to cancel the get-together.