Applying eye makeup can be a time-consuming process, and time might be a commodity you do not have in abundant supply in the morning before leaving home. In the daily race to get ready and out the door on time, you might need to sacrifice the period you typically spend on applying cosmetics, especially eye makeup.

Fortunately, there are ways to circumvent the problem, applying eye makeup quickly while still making it look like you spent ages on it. Here are five vital hacks to keep your eye makeup looking sharp without spending too much time achieving it:

False eyelashes

Using DIY lash extensions from Lilac St., Eylure, Trish McEvoy, or Sweed can save you plenty of time when applying eye makeup. Lilac St. lashes come in various styles, made from individually arranged, top-quality fibers that make them striking and long-lasting. Their design prevents peeling and gaps, and users should not have a visible strip to camouflage after applying these easy-to-use lashes. Lilac St. lashes are meant to be slept in, lasting up to five days between applications.

Applying false lashes can be a tricky process, and users typically need a few attempts to get it right when they try DIY lash extensions for the first time. However, this application can be managed in the evening or over a weekend when you have more time available. Aside from brushing your lashes each morning, you do not need to pay much attention to them. False lashes tend to negate the need for mascara, creating a striking look without adding more makeup to them. If you have a visible strip on your lash line, hide it with eyeliner. However, always use water-based products designed for false lashes. Other products, such as those containing oils, will affect the lash glue, causing a chemical breakdown of its adhesive properties.

Lash curling

Using an eyelash curler can be frustrating as you might not achieve the desired effect on your first attempt. That is because clamping down once with a curler is not sufficient. Instead, you should pump the curler a few times while it cradles the lashes. This repetition will give your lashes more body.

Another tip for achieving perfectly curled eyelashes is moving the curler along your lash length, adjusting the position, and pumping the clamp once or twice. This approach creates the most natural-looking curl possible.

Lash powdering

Making your natural lashes fuller and fluffier is easy when you use some translucent powder. Apply your first coat of mascara, then dust some powder over your lashes. Use a small brush and apply the powder sparingly. The mascara helps the powder attach to your lashes.

Cover the powder with a second coat of mascara. If you have used too much powder, you might get a chunkier look than you anticipated. It is better to use too little powder than too much. Dust excess powder from your face afterward.

Eye makeup first

The traditional way of applying cosmetics means starting with foundation and moving to eye makeup second. However, it means that any mistakes leave you needing to start over. Some experts suggest applying your eye makeup before foundation. This tip is especially effective for eyeliner.

After lining your eye, clean up any excess or mess with a folded cosmetic wipe. This allows you to achieve a precise flick despite unsteady hands or a wobbly attempt. Alternatively, using a cotton bud dipped in water or makeup remover will turn even the messiest attempt into a clean finish. Apply foundation afterward to cover any marks that belie your less-than-perfect eyeliner application.

Ditch the applicator

Most makeup artists agree that the applicators supplied with eyeshadow are not fit for purpose. These finicky applicators are hard to work with, and the tiny sponge tip only seems to make using the eyeshadow more difficult and guarantees an uneven, blotchy look that leaves much to be desired. Indeed, these experts suggest that users get rid of the applicator right away.

Instead, they advise that you buy a set of eyeshadow brushes to use when applying it. These brushes allow for even distribution of eyeshadow products and are easy to clean when moving between colors. Brushes come in different shapes, each designed to achieve a specific look, from clear lines between colors to a smoky, smudged effect.